19 April 2004

aHh, bOraCaY.

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. despite the midnight-madness-like-crowd, the seaweed-laden shores, and the snotty new establishments, boracay is still as beautiful as ever.

sunset sessions.

this, a mocha rum shake, and steady sounds.. how can you go wrong?

famous lines.

1 - "what happens in boracay, stays in boracay."

this is a line spoken by many during the morning after a drunken night. i've had friends who have gotten themselves in such situations, and really, i think with a chismosa-usisera-daldalera culture such as ours, what happens in boracay, cannot possibly just stay in boracay.

2 - the five w's.

"pare! when'd you get here?", "when you leaving?", "where you staying?", "who you with?", "will you party?" (for those people whose itineraries include such) are the five most spoken lines by vacationers in boracay.

3 - "you gotta get in shape before going to bora!"

i disagree! while i do appreciate the efforts of the toned and buffed up bodies i saw in boracay, i do not agree that it is a must to work your ass out before going! that's the beauty of boracay for me! whether insanely obese, disgustingly anorexic, nice and curvy, super wrinkly, stretch-marky, overly hairy, blinding white or disappearing dark, somewhat old or a little too young, anyone and everyone can wear a bikini or board shorts. everyone looks good in the beach! yes, even without taking alcohol!

team dosh.

meet team dosh.

(nearest to the camera row l-r) gil, inigo, jett, mitzi, pam, me!, henry, carlo, pye, alex..
(medyo gitna row l-r) koa, niko, marco, maui, padraic, joanna..
(nasa taas row l-r) martin, gp, stephen, mark, jenny, jessie, bia, ramon, dustin.

there's nothing like a week at the beach with a wacky bunch of people. most of the people in the picture are part of team dosh, the others are extended friends. these are the people you usually see in boracay for holy week, or the week after holy week. well, sadly, not after this year.

this is actually the last summer most of us will be together. a lot actually are lacking in the picture. there's pepel my best friend who's studying in new york, paolo studying in la, mica working in la, loralee studying in milan, and ina studying in australia. after this year, even more are leaving. henry's off in a week for the states, pam and erin will be in milan by october, plus, mitzi in switzerland, nicole in london, and carlo in the states by the end of the year.

we've all been together for around two years now, and no matter how much we get together here in manila, nothing beats an out of town bonding session. we're all closer than ever, that's why it was such sweet sadness to enjoy this trip, knowing it would be the last almost-complete team dosh getaway.

its probably also a test of friendship. like when high school barkadas go to different colleges, this will be us going on our own career paths. "nothing lasts forever," like they say, but this is the kind of time you just wish you could stop the clock and keep everything you have close to you.

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