11 April 2004

bRaSiL dReAmS..

my production friends and i, otherwise known as steadybear productions, are in the process of making our short film entry for the brasil imagine cup competition. if we win first prize, we get $8000, a trip to brazil, and international recognition. wow. its a long shot, but its worth a try right. fingers crossed! pray for us!

wOw pHiLiPpiNeS.

against my will, i went with my mom and sister and some cousins to pangasinan. why against my will? i just really wanted to stay home and rest this whole holy week, since i hardly get any rest ever! but, all's well ends well. it wasn't that bad. in fact, i had a good time. and thank god for the person who invented tuna pie in jollibee!! P16 for a taste of heaven?! you rock!

barasoain church.

that's the barasoain church of the ten-peso-plus-malolos-convention-and-erap-swearing-in-fame. it is pretty amazing i must say. the churches of the philippines are really, really beautiful.

the fountain women of barasoain (this picture taken with a mass going on in the church.. kapal ng mukha no!?)

my i-am-a-frustrated-photographer shot of the walls of the church (pretty neat huh?)

hundred islands.

apparently, there really are 100+ islands in the hundred islands. its a nice place, just wish it was preserved more though.. we went snorkling too. the water was quite murky plus the corals weren't so great. anyway, legend has it that long ago, two giants got into a fight, and started hurling huge rocks at each other. our boatman didn't know how the battle ended, but the hundred islands were formed as a result.

what they call the "cathedral cave". it was huge! one of the best sights there.

the cavewomen of the hundred islands (my sister and i hogged the camera obviously.)

onli in da pilipins.

onli in da pilipins will you see eight people fit themselves in a trike.
iba ang pinoy!

..now, its off to BORA for me!!

happy easter everyone!

and happy birthday to my friend carlo villanueva!

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