30 August 2004

tAkE yOuR piCk!

friday night became the usual gimmick night. the same people, the same drinks, the same conversations.

then my friend ramon asked, "pare, would you rather have no arms or no legs?"

and thus started our unique conversation for the night.

..would you rather have no sight or no sense of hearing?
..would you rather have gorilla hands or gorilla feet?
..would you rather have claws as hands or webbed hands?
..would you rather have scales or fur?
..would you rather have a monobrow or no eyebrows?
..would you rather have sagging breasts or a sagging belly?
..if you had a third eye, where would you put it?
..if you were stuck on an island, what one thing would you bring?
..if you were stuck on an island with a tv but just one channel, what would it be?
..would you rather have the power to fly or the power to be invisible?
..better yet, would you rather fly or stop time?
..would you rather have one big tooth or teeth like a dog?
..would you rather be sweating profusely or farting a lot?
..would you rather have bad breath or putok?
..would you rather nagmumuta ka every minute or have a bad day-long runny nose?
..for girls, would you rahter have one boob or one butt cheek?
..for boys, would you rather have blond armpit hair or no armpit hair?
..for girls, would you rather have one boob at the center or three boobs?
..for boys, would you rather be good looking, rich, and "small" or ugly, poor, and "big"? (boys talaga, tsk, tsk.)

its fun, especially when your friends are drunk. try it.

my friend vix has some additional questions..

..kung may pagkakataon kang palitan ang balat mo sa buong katawan ano pipiliin mo... balat sa siko o balat sa talampakan? personally, ako sa talampakan at least pwede magpa foot spa ng buong katawan.
..ano pipiliin mo hininga na amoy putok o putok na amoy bad breath?
..ano pipiliin mo maging mukha kang pera o mukha kang walang pera?
..mamili ka! boyfriend na guapo na super love ka pero may "p and f deficiency" o boyfriend na perfect as opposed to "ferpect",... pero pangit!
..would you prefer... tawagin kang tanga to your face or calling you learning impaired behind your back?

o, diba.


who doesn't love freebies?! :) here is a list of my recent champion freebie finds:

1 - kazumi - the bear (that looks like a mouse) hanging from my phone. i never really liked stuff dangling from phones, but when i saw kazumi i just had to put it. kazumi came free with yanyan (yes, the breadstick snack with chocolate dip), with matching name and birthday, and he is just one of the numerous designs available.

2 - charm bracelet - from the princess collection of the mcdo happy meal. its adorable! its a sparkly violet plastic ring, with a diary, a picture of belle, and a rose hanging, well, dangling, well, stuck to it. the child in me lives again.

3 - vintage shades - i am the person who, despite being 21 and a beach lover, has never owned expensive shades. i always wear those el-cheapo-shades-that-gets-you-dizzy-but-what-the-heck-you-still-wear-it-para-cool-shades. finally! thanks to gift certificates from guess (naks!) my eyes are now free from uv rays, the bright sunlight, and a future grade.

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