13 September 2004

344 hours..

..since my last post!
..of hectic school and work life.
..made me realize you do learn something new everyday!

(monday, 08.30) on amazing ukay finds:
you can buy a black ballgown skirt for only P99! thank you jet!

(tuesday, 08.31) on leaving cdg:
sometimes, you realize you're working for something not because of the job, nor the money, but because of the wonderful people who constantly touch your life.

(wednesday, 09.01) on seeing laws of attraction:
i've never considered going for a way-older man, but for pierce brosnan, oh i would!!

(thursday, 09.02) on cramming a philo paper:
never do anything to disappoint your favorite professor. never EVER do it again.

(friday, 09.03) on cleaning my room after sooo long:
never keep would-be junk. file all old pictures. have a specific place for everything.

(saturday, 09.04) on justin's fainting spells:
i just had a glimpse of it, but wow, i really don't know what i'd do if anything bad happens to my loved ones.

(sunday, 09.05) on being home alone:
i can't believe i am capable of taking five naps in one day.

(monday, 09.06) on the magic of eric mana:
he's the devil himself!! haha! no, no.. he really makes you believe in magic.

he made me keep it as a souvenir from his card trick!

(tuesday, 09.07) on seeing the terminal:
we all ought to lend a helping hand more. we can sometimes get so selfish.

(wednesday, 09.08) on wet floors and metal bracelets:
be careful. or you might end up with a scar like mine.


(thursday, 09.09) on taking evening walks:
its very therapeutic. we sometimes get too caught up in this fast paced world that we forget to take time to be alone, just think, and relax..

(friday, 09.10) on ateneo's cheapness:
do you know that they charge P50/hour to plug your laptop in the caf?! how inconsiderate! eh pano kung puno ang pc terminal na binayaran mo naman sa tuition? grr..

(saturday, 09.11) on the effects of coffee:
why is it that when you take coffee because you need to stay awake, you end up falling asleep? but why is it that when you take coffee para wala lang, you end up wide awake even if you wanna sleep!

(sunday, 09.12) on the wonders of GoD's creation:
have you ever seen a storm cloud from afar? its like waterfalls from the sky!amazing.

the view from my friend gil's tagaytay house, plus plus.

(monday, 09.13) on the pork barrel issues:
some politicians can really be such pricks. its not like they're the only ones suffering from this financial crisis. they're way well-off than the rest of us.

if any of you keep a diary, or even a planner, it might be interesting to jot down one new thing you learned that day. when you look back at it at the end of the year, you by then would have something called "365 things you ought to know". it'll be a nice thing to keep. :)

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chelyn said...

hi...ive been reading your blog since college days... ur still starting then, as a college stud. REad about your bestfriend pel, ur sumacum sister, loving bro, ur zobel life, ur ateneo life, love for philo, thesis, as a writer, etc. It's so inspiring.

amidst the pressures and demands, how do you find peace of mind?

May you be blessed more as you take a deeper look and investment in your spiritual life. Dream Big. Good Luck.