19 September 2004

tHe wOrLd iS mY pLaYgRouNd! wAnNa pLay? :p

a big, big thanks to ala, camille, ian, justin, and my sister aissa for helping put my new layout together! wahoo!

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and now back to regular programming..

dEaD mAn waLkiNg.

a man is driving home drunk at 2AM when he accidentally crashes the car into something, the car turns turtle, smashing both the engine and the trunk, before finally ending up overturned at the side of the highway.

a little dazed but still conscious, the man opens his eyes to see the headlights of a car from afar, which he assumes is a police car. he blinks a few times and sees the shadow of a policeman walking his way. the policeman helps him out of the car, sees that he has no bruises or broken bones whatsoever, and asks if he is okay. the policeman then leads the drunken man to the tow truck and tells the driver to take the man and his car home.

the drunken man, with just a scratch on his nose, is taken home by the tow truck driver. he wakes up the next day thanking GoD for a miracle.

one friend of the drunken man interpreted the story this way..

"you know, he's really dead. he's here on earth now, with a body, walking, talking, but in reality, he's dead," said the friend about the incident that happened almost six years ago.

first point. you know how people with near-death experiences say that at the "moment of death" you see a light at the end of a tunnel? with an angel walking towards you? if a policeman sees a big accident at 2AM, wouldn't it be unlikely to park his car "far", as the drunken man claimed? wouldn't he park the car near, whether to rush someone to the hospital or just simply be close to the area of the accident?

second. in the wee hours of the morning, policemen who make the rounds via a policecar never travel alone. they always have buddies to go around with them, to be safer. what was this policeman doing alone?

third. if a policeman saw a big accident in the middle of the night, shouldn't he at least rush the man to the hospital? despite having no obvious injuries, at least have him checked for possible internal wounds? or if the drunken man really was okay, shouldn't he have turned him in the precint for questioning and drunk driving?

the theory of the friend of the drunken man: that was it. that was the moment of his death. the light at the end of a tunnel? a shadow of a man walking towards him? then helping him up? this is his guardian angel. his angel who helped him out of the car and made sure he got home safely.

another clincher? the drunken man remembers that he saw the policeman's badge while he was being helped out of the car. it read "angelito".

truth or just pure coincidence? what do you think?

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