27 September 2004


ex-boyfriends or girlfriends solicit all kinds of reactions when they see their respective ex-girlfriends and boyfriends.
there's the deadma approach, "ah really she was here? i didn't see her."
some take on the fifth, "please. i'd rather not talk about it."
others give the head to toe, "did you see who he was with?! did you see what she was wearing?? my gosh!"
and to some extent, a lot exert extra effort, "you sure he'll be there?! i have to look good! hmph! makikita niya!"
we can't help it. its human nature!

case one - is it still possible to be friends?

love story: boy was instantly attracted to girl, they became friends, boy courted girl
lasted: two months
broke up: three months ago
status: both still single, both doing well

5 texted me the other day saying that she wanted to be friends with V, but she's worried that he might expect something more and she doesn't think she's ready to give that. V has been trying to get back together with 5 ever since they broke up, but V is also the object of different kinds of gossip that 5 doesn't really like. 5 doesn't know what to believe, is confused, but still wants to be friends. can that really be?

case two - how is he doing now?

love story: it was crush at first sight, but only two years after did boy court girl
lasted: a little over two years
broke up: four years ago
status: boy is single but doing good, girl is happily in a relationship

after years of having no news whatsoever, M suddenly hears a kwento from her friend about A. apparently, A still hears about M, but M feels bad that she doesn't hear about A. how does M see if A is okay, not for anything, but just to see how A is doing?

case three - is there really no hope?

love story: they were high school friends, then boy courted girl during senior year
lasted: on and off for four years
broke up: seven months ago
status: both still single, but still very much in touch

they started as friends, were the best of friends as a couple, and now, are still friends that consult each other for anything and everything. O insists that they'll really only stay friends. but when i asked her if she and B are in good terms, she said they were. when i asked O if they were both seeing anyone, she said not particularly. can it possibly be still them in the end?

whatever reaction it is, we all HAVE to admit that seeing, hearing about, or even smelling (by virtue of other people sporting the same scent) our ex tightens our chest for a second or more. an ex, no matter how long ago, no matter how bad the break-up, no matter how traumatic the relationship, no matter how much we deny it, can never be erased.

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