08 November 2004

sO hApPy tO sEe HayDeN!

the revenge of the sith trailer is out!! six months to go!! i can't hardly wait!!

aH.. eStE.. tO sEe jUsTiN paLa. :p

happy, happy 24th birthday justin!

justin is already 24, and is still so much like a kid. loves his playstation, his comics, his cartoons.. he still likes to be babied once in a while by both his family and me, still needs to be told to not-do-this or not-do-that once in a while, still doesn't wanna grow up.. like me! well i guess that's why we get along so well.. or at times, why we don't get a long at all. hehehe!

tHe fUnNieSt BiRthDaY sUrpRiSe..

what funnier surprise could justin receive on his birthday than to be headlined in a showbiz chismis show?! hahaha!

"hero angeles, sinugod ng boyfriend ni bianca gonzalez!"

what the?!!??! hahahaha!

first of all, i don't even know hero angeles personally. i only wish i knew him more personally, having just met him by saying thank you for guesting on a show i work with, y speak. i've always expressed to friends, some interviews, and even through this blog that i am a fan of hero angeles! even justin knows he's my crush! haha! but my crush on hero is no different from any hero or hero-sandara fan out there. pare-pareho lang kami. :)

second, included in the "panunugod" story is that hero visits me at work and picks me up in school. when my friend mj, the reporter from the show, asked me about the issue, i couldn't help but just laugh!! i hope i didn't sound like a ditz in the interview but really, its such a bizarre story! i was thinking to myself. "wow, ang taas naman ng level ko! ako na nga ang fan ni hero, ako pa ang binibisita niya!" haha! aw man. someone like hero angeles is so busy with work and school that i doubt he even has any time for himself.

third. the "panunugod" itself. hay! kawawa naman, birthday na birthday, na-akusahan pang violent siya. anyone who knows justin will attest that he is one of the most nr, non-confrontational, keeps-to-himself people there are around. aside from that, justin hardly knows any artistas! he hardly watches any local tv, and when i told him about the issue that he confronted hero in the taping of reload, he asked me, "what's reload?" hahaha!

well if there's one good thing that came out of this, its that i confirmed that hero remembers me. hehe! at a recent debut, i told my friend jet (who is also a hero fan) that if he did get to talk to hero, to tell him that i was sorry. jet was able to relay the message, and hero, being such a gentleman (haha biased!) told jet, "pakisabi sa kanya, sorry din.." wow! he knows who i am!! haha! ang babaw ba?! that's a big thing for a fan ha!!

i told my friends, "grabe, ganun pala yung feeling ng ma-tsismis.. di ko alam kung magtataka ako o matatawa!" but hey, there'a a first for everything!

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Anonymous said...

I bet when you look back at this you would laugh because you've been involved in more than just this chismis! i love you bianca. you're my inspiration. keep rockin!