15 November 2004

sUpEr SeNiOr, suPeR LoSeR.

i was supposed to graduate with my batch last march, as part of batch 2004, but due to work and my fulfilling my minoring dreams. i am graduating this march, as part of batch 2005.

since i am batch 2004, that means all my batchmates and friends (well, most) have graudated already. this leaves me with a handful (literally) of people i know in the 5000 (more or less) population of my college. yikes.

1 - why is it that no one wants to sit beside me in class?

i go to the first day of class, sit somewhere in the side, and everyone who comes in the classroom sits anywhere but the seats around me. they're literally the last seats taken! i understand that they're probably all friends and blockmates but hey, i take my regular baths, why not side beside me? its almost embarrassing to look around and see everyone chatting while waiting for the teacher, and there i am, fiddling with whatever, trying to look busy, just so i don't look so left out. hehe.

2 - why is it that super seniors are left without groupmates?

on the first day of my theology class, we watched a documentary. after the screening, our teacher announces, "okay now i want you to divide yourselves into groups, then i will give you a couple of questions for you to discuss and answer." patay tayo diyan. i quickly introduced myself to the guy sitting nearest me. "sure you can join our group!" i let out a sigh of relief. "maximum seven members per group okay," my teacher adds. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7.. 8. me. i was member number 8. obviously i couldn't ask one of them to leave the group, so i volunteered myself out of the group and walked on to the next group to ask if they had space for me. such good samaritans! they took me in, and in return, i volunteered to be the scribe of the group.

3 - how do you kill time for a 1.5 hour break if you don't know anyone?

i used to love even three hour breaks when i used to hang out with my friends at the bench (the term for tambayans in my school). but now, a half hour seems like forever! i sit at my bench trying to read my books, look to my left, look to my right, ahh they're all enjoying goofing around. all the people i do know in school either have class or are done for the day when i have my break. i miss my batchmates even more and i feel old. oh no.

but hey, don't get me wrong, am really not complaining. i'm actually very happy to still be able to say i'm in school (naks, feeling young) and hey, at least my class starts at 3PM!

zOBeL bAtCh 2000!

i was so happy to see so many batchmates last saturday at the finals game of the zobel alumni basketball league, where my batch went up against the parents association. yes, parents! and they're surprisingly so good! to think we're around a decade younger than them! despite our boo cheers like "go home daddy-o!" or "araaaay ang sakit ng likod ko!", they still managed to put up a good fight!

it was so great to catch up with my long-time-no-see friends like jippo, ley, monic, russ, tim, camille, tina, ira, elliot.. and see old basketball players relive the dream (hehe) like carlo, caloy, orti, lope, aj z, aj m, sieg.. hay! and so many others. I MISS HIGH SCHOOL.

its tied 1-1 so next saturday (530PM in gym two) is game three! good luck to batch 2000!

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