22 November 2004

cAfFeiNe-iNduCeD aNgSt-WiTh-tHe-wOrLd rAnDoM tHoUgHtS.

1 - i have 8 stickers to go for the starbucks 2005 planner. eight stickers. that's roughly P800, P100 per cup of coffee. sheesh. thinking about it, the total needed stickers will actually amount to P2,100 worth of coffee. but that's just 21 cups. if i bought coffee beans in batangas for that price, i would have enough caffeine to last me half a year maybe. all for the griffin-and-sabine-inspired-planner. hay, the crazy things people do.

2 - i was in line at the photocopier in school this morning, and it took me around 20 minutes before my turn. the lady had finished one ream in the span of 15 minutes. imagine that. every semester, i probably end up with knee-high photocopied readings for all my subects. and i am just one student in a batch of 1000, in a university of four batches, plus graduates. if my school creates n tons of trash from photocopied readings alone, imagine if you put together all the universities in metro manila.. ayayay! ang daming puno nun!! there has got to be a better way of doing things!

3 - i started driving a year ago. gas was around P20 for a liter of unleaded. now, its P28.40. before, the front page of the paper would always contain the big news of how much the price of gas has gone up. but for the past two months or so, i noticed that gas would just go up a few cents every other day.. to the point that it costs that much now, and can possibly go up to P30 by year end as my friend carlo said. ACK!!

4 - i hate matapobre people. i hate people who look down on others just because their job isn't as prestigious or people who think that they're above other people. no one has the right to do that. NO ONE. a car is about to enter a village at around 3AM. the man, coming home from gimmick, finds the guard sleeping. (which is quite normal for the graveyard shift, right?) he honks the horn once. twice. then one looong time as if to wake up the whole village. the guard wakes up and puts up the bar, then starts apologizing. the man driving the car gets down from the car, and starts cursing the guard to high heavens. the guard, close to tears, just held his head down out of shame. the man in the car will get his karma, i swear.

5 - its a hassle to drive when its raining, because 80% of the drivers seem to forget how to drive all of a sudden. but i'm lucky i have the convenience of riding a car. its ten times the hassle to commute when its raining. i hate it when people in cars are so inconsiderate when it comes to driving in the rain. sila na nga yung naka-kotse, sila pa yung pipilit na mauna sila kaysa sa pedestrian na tatawid ng kalye na walang payong. sila pa yung tatakbo ng mabilis para matalsikan ng tubig yung mga naglalakad sa tabi. imagine. these hard working people get up extra early because despite the rainy day, they have to get to work. the press their clothes, ready their things, and head off to work. then that's what some motorists will do?! shame on them.

6 - BUSES. i hate buses. its so unfair. we have to keep out of the yellow lane but they can cut into two or three of our lanes. can i please sport a bumper sticker that says "BUSES: KEEP OFF WHITE LANE!!”

and my biggest angst thus far..

7 - the poverty in our country is not fair anymore. its not. it has to stop.

first story. i was talking with my cameraman the other day and he was complaining of how at one coverage, he didn't get to sleep for three days, and even skipped two meals at one time. it was part of the job he said, so he didn't mind not going home to his family. but add to that a major technical problem that wasn't their fault anyway, and there go the people above him screaming and shouting and cursing all of them. its not like they pay them thousands of pesos to do that job, the least they could get in return is be treated properly.

story two. my brother's technician went with him for coverage out of town. as pasalubong to his family, he bought them a big, fresh pusit, that was the specialty of the province. when he got home, he got into an argument with his wife. she got mad at him for spending his money on pusit. she asked him to sell it, to get back the money to have their son vaccinated. i couldn't believe it. imagine having to choose between food and health? that's injustice.

third and last. one afternoon during his immersion, my brother just decided to take a walk around the farming village he was assigned to. he stopped to watch a few kids playing habulan, despite the hot sun and despite having no clothes on. they were laughing, drooling, jumping.. playing like kids should play. the mom of one of the kids spots them and suddenly screams to her kid, "hoy! wag kang magtatatakbo diyan, baka magutom ka!!"

sorry to be a big brat in this post.

just felt the need to finally say it. or rather write it.

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joelemmanuel said...

I could not agree more, Ms. Bianca. Nice post. Napaka-timely. It has been posted last 2004, yet, wala pa ring pagbabago sa Pilipinas ngayon. Tulad ng mga nai-post mo dito, tungkol sa poverty, then the not-so-kind motorists, yung sa mga buses, at ngayon, sa unleaded gas... dati pala P28.40 (as stated sa post), ngayon P45+ na! Grabe!

Anyway, thanks again :) Keep writing and posting your thoughts. Nakaka-enganyo basahin talaga :)

God bless!