21 January 2005

tHe gOnZaLeZ SibLinGs fiGhT fOr a cAuSe.

heLp sAvE tHe eArTh! gO oN tHe LoW-cArBoN diEt!!

my brother jc is the new spokesperson for klima, an ngo group making efforts to prevent global warming.

its really horrible! i know we've all heard about the effects of global warming in grade school and high school. but have we really, really understood them? here are some of its devastating effects:

- melting of the polar caps, thus the rising of tides everywhere, the disappearance of low islands
- the rising of the world's temperature, thus causing droughts and changes in weather patterns
- the heating of the waters of the world, thus causing corals and marine life to die

while other ngo's fight for the passage of certain environmental bills, klima fights for educating every person on what they can do help the situation. yes, in our own little ways, we can prevent global warming. going back to our science lessons, anything that uses up energy creates heat. so it follows that the less energry we use up, the less heat is produced! how? the low-carbon diet!! as in the low carbon dioxide way!

1. unplug your phone once it finishes charging! sometimes, we tend to keep our phones plugged to charge while sleeping. that's what's convenient! but then once your phone is fully charged, since it is plugged, it still uses up energy. so klima suggests that we keep track of time and unplug our phones as soon as it is charged.

2. don't let your car idle for more than two minutes! for those with drivers, or those stuck in horrible traffic, it would be better to switch your engines off while waiting, rather than keeping it running! aside from cars emitting carbon monoxide, cars also give off carbon dioxide! and that contributes to the greenhouse effect. or, even better? carpool.

3. conserve paper! as much as possible, use scratch paper, recycle paper, don't let the unused paper from notebooks of the past stay unused! the more paper you use, the more trees are cut down, and every tree that is cut down releases so much carbon dioxide! not to mention erosion. we all know how that can have bad effects.

4. switch off lights when you don't need them! aside from the energy bullbs use up, the light they generate cause heat. in the morning, don't switch on lights when you can use natural light. in the evening, switch off lights before leaving the room. also, turn off any appliance when you don't really need them anyway!

let's all do our part to save the earth!

..aNd wOrLd pEaCe.

sound very beauty queen-ish, and my sister aissa does look and walk like a beauty queen, and yes, she believes in peace. my sister is a very peace-loving person. and she leads by example. she's against anything that causes a disruption in the peace, and we should all be too!

yOuTh eMpOweRmEnT.. iTs tHe wAy tO gO!

it IS real! its not just a term people use to sound positive. if i had the chance, i would willingly be the advocate for youth empowerment. hehe. if lang. :p

"i believe the children are our future, teach the world and let them lead the way." yeah, yeah, we all remember this song from our childhood.. but it does have a deep meaning that we should all take to heart. as corny as it may sound, its true! ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.

if you have a talent you can share, share it.
if you have a talent you can develop, develop it.
if there's someone you can help, help that person.
if you have something to say, say it.
if you believe in something and someone believes otherwise, defend your side.
if you believe you can do something good for the world, do it.

don't let anyone think less of you because you're young. do everything you can, while you're young!

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