01 February 2005

hOw yOuNg aRe yOu?

"there are surprises in life!" this is what my philo professor always reminds us. life isn't something routinary, predictable, or graspable.. it'll only be that if we do not allow ourselves to still be surprised. he quotes luz irigaray, a feminist philosopher, "we must remain virginal." doesn't sound so good i know, but it means a lot! we're only as young as we allow ourselves to 'be surprised'.

so let me share a few things that surprised me the past days.

1. pleasant surprise

the same philo professor i mentioned above, dr. garcia, called for class in the dean's conference room. no particular reason or occasion, but he just did. during the class break, he suddenly brought out pancit malabon and red wine for everyone. wow!

so by the second half of the class, the discussion was more vibrant, was wittier, had more laughter, with most of the people in the room red-faced! what a philo class! haha!

2. funny surprise

i was in la salle taft last friday for their university fair. i was surprised to see so many of my zobel friends and batchmates there (which also made me feel less out of place, being the blue blood that i am) like russ, jippo, ben, jess, karen, pinggoy, jc.. ah! the comfort of having people you know around you! so anyway, like any usual fair, the dlsu fair had food stalls, shopping stalls, and hey, game stalls..

haha! interesting. :)

3. surprising yourself

i'm really bad at remembering names. really bad. last saturday, i hosted the first grand tournament and eb of khan, an online rpg game, and for some reason, that night, every person introduced to me, i miraculously remembered the name and matched it with their face. i don't know why! but yeah, i was surprised!

and this picture has no connection, but at the khan eb, i got myself a henna tattoo. i'm one of those people who have been dreaming of getting a real tattoo but never really had the guts? so thanks to henna and paper tattoos, i get to live my dream for a few days. :) i got one with my name in alibata! that's bi-a-n-ka. astig!

mEdiA aNd VioLeNcE.

sounds like a topic for a school paper, and it could be for me. gerald, the ten-year old son of our househelp virgie, and who is like a brother to us, usually goes with us to mass. last sunday, my sister saw him doing something to the pew with his hand. she couldn't believe her eyes.

rewind a few weeks back. my brother recently brought home a dvd of kill bill two cause we all loved it. but we never got to watch the dvd.

fast forward back to last sunday. gerald would put his fingertips against the pew, then quicky turn it into a fist to hit the pew. oh my. it struck my sister. the scene with uma thurman in the casket a couple of feet into the ground. tsk, tsk.

lesson learned. just a word or warning to all parents or kuyas and ates out there. there's enough violence on free tv, so maybe in our own little ways, we can lessen the violence they are exposed to by keeping the violent dvds safe, or monitoring what they watch even from time to time.


check out the second batch of films! hostage, ticker, and beat the devil! grabe hanep! :) i love the story of ticker and the styling of beat the devil.

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