27 March 2005

tHe LoNg LosT bLoGgEr!

hay i missed blogging!! its such a sad feeling to want to blog so much but not be able to! hello blogging world.. i'm baaack! :)

here are a few highlights of what's been happening the past month and a half.. (aaack its been far too long!!)

1 - my phone was stolen.. again! it was inside the pocket of my bag, inside my dressing room, and what was weird was, there were phones and palm pilots out on top of the table.. it was my phone that the theif had to get! grr! (so to everyone i know who hasn't texted me since february, please text me so i can save your numbers.. thank you!) goodbye goobly!! (yes, my phone had a name..)

2 - my chuck taylor collection is now up to 21 pairs!! yahoo! miss leonor of converse gave me seven pairs that she owes me. one of which is this really cool extra high cut black leather pair, another is a high cut bright violet pair made of rain jacket material, and another is a distressed all black leather high cut pair. ay ang saya grrrabe!

3 - my sister aissa is leaving for dubai in a few months! my sister is a fabulous interior designer and she recently got a job offer to go to dubai (cause of the great number of construction going on there) and she just might do it! go for it! earn em big bucks! hehehe.,

4 - i am gaining weight big time! seven pounds in two weeks.. exaaag! well some will argue that i need to gain weight, some have said "bianca, stop eating so much na." really, it is a big deal! i've been eating so much rice, chocolates, cakes.. tsk, tsk, tsk. parang hindi summer at parang hindi kailangang fit for the beach! patay!

5 - i am finding it hard to adjust to waking up at 4AM everyday! haaaaay! i recently got early morning work, and it requires me to wake up early every morning.. hmm.. my lifestyle has to change! if before i used to sleep at 1 or 2 in the morning, there is no way that i can do that now! darn.

6 - my friend pam came home! pam picazo is one of my closest friends.. she recently left to study fashion in milan (grabe lucky girl!) and last week, came home to visit for a week. our barkada got together in her house last week, and boy was it so much fun!

7 - my best friend pepel got a job at morgan stanley! i am the proudest best friend ever!! also congratulations to my friend paolo who got a job in a big investment bank in la, and dustin who got promoted in his chicago job! guys!! adopt carlo and i when we go to the states ha?! hehehe!

8 - i did visita iglesia with my family the other day, and every year, i never fail to get fascinated with all our beautiful churches! ang gaganda solid! we went to the bamboo organ church, the church of paranaque, baclaran church, malate church, reclamation church, manila cathedral, and san agustin church. (i'd post pictures, but my phone now has no bluetooth.. i miss my old phone!) i also love watching different people and the different ways they show their devotion. iba talaga ang pinoy.

9 - "ang boracay ay ang pinakamagandang isla sa balat ng lupa.." as the cafe del mar song said. wow!! i was at bora last week and rain or shine (cause i was there during the signal number three storm), it is such a beautiful island! i am seriously thinking of saving up to buy land there. hay dream, dream, dream! sana!

10 - i have officially graduated. it makes me both happy and sad! happy because i made my parents proud by earning my diploma (well, er, actually i still have to fix my clearance..) but sad because i love school! i so don't want to leave school. i hope GoD helps me save enough money so i can enrol again my second sem this year. congratulations to the rest of the graduates this year!!

11 - i had one of the best birthday celebrations this year.. ever since i was a kid, i never threw any party, never really treated my friends out, never even had a debut when i turned 18. i always just like spending it with my family, trying out the different japanese restaurants (ever since i was a kid, it has got to be japanese food). this year, i had three days to celebrate my birthday. my birthday fell on a friday, and until sunday, i was celebrating it with family and friends. :) saya.

thank you for reading and i hope to be blogging more regularly now!! have a happy easter everyone. :)

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to all those asking how i did my blog template, i have to say thank you to ala and russ! they taught me everything i know about blogging! the only advice i can give everyone who wants to spice up their blog is to play with adobe photoshop, apply for a comment box at http://www.haloscan.com, upload pictures at http://www.photobucket.com.

thank you, thank you to everyone who visited my blog! :) when i can, i will visit your blogs!! thank you.. edward, tins, gracielle, jajey, pumpkin, danah_gee, russ, pauleen, franz, luiboi, freyti, des, wanggo, joie, tara, jhana, nikki, sandy, rachelle, kathy, cali, sarz, kat, cath, amz, jempot, clare, april, ewak, maanski, rizel, emcie, ella, cheddar, raece, drakulita, iya lags, rona, jepi, primo, simoun, tring, jennie, carla, kary, jekert, pamski, caitlin, ariane, aya, claudine, roanne, carmela, andhwee, slither dude, yasha, tor, hanagirl, ava, ish, shna, marvs, camille, bea, bitchyme, mito, nicole, kessa, travis, hellcat, tracy, miko, chie23rocks, diorelle, kai, venice, ilse, franco, patty, stitch, soloflite, patty, maui, ade, ckarllo, sheanne, poulla, tring, pel, kemy, phoenixtina, tiepee, diane, jose, joey, khitozz, qreux, zchendevlemh, pomdspawn, twinkledream, icebratz01, chuaheyia, forg, bubi, nestor, jasmine, wenk, clarisse, jasmine, stab23x, jaimy, ana, roy, lululaleilu, jax, mhaye, tina, tanya, joanne, lord art lomrda, allan, jen, jove, shayne, maureen, jrkncksnp, kevin, terence, marilyn, jm, van, robb, ches, jerwin13, gboy, mary, roan, jakee, kym, danny, redslim08, bong, jaiskizzy, jepjep, leng, joseph, yam, adi, patty, anonymous, leif, and carla. thank you!! :)

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