12 February 2008


this love..

this love makes me feel invincible!

you know how when you're in love and you feel like you can do anything? yung pakiramdam na kahit anong challenge, kahit anong problema, kahit anong pahirap, kayang kaya mong harapin?

this love makes me happy..

you know how when you think about love, then you have this stupid, smug smile on your face na di mo mabura-bura at medyo nahihiya kang humarap sa tao kasi nakangiti kang mag-isa? that feeling that you are so excited to encounter this love over and over again?

this love gives me peace.

maybe it comes with age, maybe it comes with experience, or maybe it comes with this kind of love. i have never been more peaceful in my life.. or at least i have never found myself in this state, that despite being in the midst of chaos, it is easy to go back to my peace.

this love..

is bikram yoga.

its my new sport!! well, fairly new, i've taken a couple of regular yoga sessions since early last year, but for bikram, i started attending classes since november last year, and i am really loving every minute of it! it helps that i take the class with my sister aissa, and the yoga instructor is my friend pye. i love it!

its great exercise. i had no idea kaya pala ng tao na mapawisan ng ganun katindi! it detoxifies unlike any other activity or treatment i've been through. in class, you really feel like you're going to pass out and die, but when you do get through it, you feel so proud of yourself that your body is capable of doing all those poses and you discover strength you never knew you had.

bikram yoga has also has taught me things about myself that help me grow physically, mentally, emotionally. in class, the instructor just talks and talks and talks for an hour and a half non-stop, pushing you to your limits, guiding you step by step on what you have to do. what i love about it is the fact that you have to be 100% focused on getting through the poses. you put away any negative thoughts, or any other thought for that matter, you just have to focus on what you have to do at the moment. an hour and a half of deep meditation and focusing on nothing else but yourself is a great escape from the sometimes-chaotic-and-toxic-life we have.

pye said this one line in class once that stuck with me and my sister, as a sort of mantra in life, and not just for yoga class..

"do not let anyone, or anything, take away your peace."

isn't that an amazing thought?

this is love talaga. i love this nike campaign!! i hope every woman, and man, who reads this finds an activity to love too. =p on that note, happy valentine's!!


Anonymous said...

yoga rocks! =)


Anonymous said...

yoga rocks!

lilith said...

"do not let anyone, or anything, take away your peace."

--i like that. i hope i can do that. ;(

♥sa Team Bianca ako!♥

prince_paranoia said...

good thing i aint straight, at least i dont have to compete against tons of men who admire you.



Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca,

If you confess yourself as a Christian, and you really do confess that Jesus is your Lord and savior..why yoga? Please read more literature regarding yoga postures..But to help a fellow sister, these postures that are offered to the 330 million Hindu gods. Yoga postures really are; they are offerings to the gods. If you do these postures and you do this breathing technique and this meditation, then you will be accepted by a god, little “G.” That’s the real danger.

When I was in India for three months on a mission trip, I would often see people in the streets doing yoga poses in front of the statues of the gods. Romans 12:1-2 says we are to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice to God. There they are doing something very similar with these postures to their 330 million gods, and it is scary. So we abstain from things offered to idols—Acts 15:29.

You may want to ask your matured spiritual sister/brother or better yet your pastor regarding yoga if you want to be informed.

Your Bro,

Richelle said...

We should always remember to make time for ourselves. In a world that is so fast paced and people constantly on the go...it's not surprising that we forget about ourselves.

I think it's important for everyone to take a part of their day to drain out the noise of the world around us to just listen to the silence.

Keep up the good work Bianca...and keep on posting. I'm enlightened by all your blogs. Makes me realize that someone as famous as yourself is so down to earth. Happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Bianca=) let me be the one to greet u and all of ur avid blogfanz, hehe, a Happy Valentine's Day! khit n luvlez me njoi the heart'z day=) do u hav a valentino? =) -kilig-

**cutie nga ng ad ng nike, love it!
**idol k ng younger sis ko kya idol n rin kita..ur soOoOo pretty..keep on enlightening us and smile always=)
**thanks for the time reading this


Arie said...

with these words, you'd definitely fit the part of a nike women endorser :)

Anonymous said...

Love is madness!!! luv u... <3 oxoxoxoX :)

bianca said...

hello brother sam!

thank you very much for your concern! i did consult this with my pastor. :) i am in it for the exercise and the discipline, not the deeper beliefs and spirituality.

it means a lot that you took time to share all this! GoD bless you!

berlai said...

you are LOVE ate bianca.
keep on rockin.
muah <3

Anonymous said...

cool.. good luck with that :)
peace out!

cupidzzzzzz said...

advance happy hearts day biancs....so may ka date ka na ba????????????

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca,

I fully agree with Sam. If you have taken the bondage breaker session, one item on the list of the enemy's bondages is yoga. It's just one word, no adjectives, no specifics. For God it is just a YES or a NO, UP or DOWN, HOT or COLD, nothing in between.

I pray that your readers and admirers won't get confused.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

keep posting such blogs, you are enlightening many people!=p
happy valentine's day, let's keep love real!=p

Anonymous said...

Hi ate Bianca, dropping by to say , advance Happy Valentine's Day!

macky said...

hi biancs..check this out..its really nice no matter what your religion is..maybe u have seen it but if not i hope u like it because i did..here's the link http://www.theinterviewwithgod.com/

Kim said...

aww.. that's so nice!

happy valentine's day! :)

Anonymous said...

My God bianca! Have some originality please? It's so obvious that you're imitating KC's style in everything. It shows. You're so insecure. I pity you so much. Have a life girl!

erica said...

i want to try yoga!! anyway, happy heart's day poh!ica

Anonymous said...

You know what anonymous ikaw yung insecure, inggit ka lang.. magsama kayo ni KC, kampon ka yata ng kadiliman, pinadala ka ba para maghasik ng lagim?! Anyway Biancs nice entry.. Keep it up.:-)

just_so_you_know said...

i was into yoga too...3 yrs ago then suddenly i stopped due to lack of time hehe. but im into it again, yun nga lang i only do it at home. :-]

The Misseducation of Jan Ashlee said...

I can't believe that there are STUPID people who will waste their time posting non-sense comments here in Bianca's site.... ^_^

If you don't like Bianca might as well never visit this site!

(whoever is that 'anonymous' person is...)

^_^ cheerio! more power to you bianca....


bratty21 said...

happy valentines day bianca!!!!

mukha ka nga in love!!!!! =)
btw, huwag mo nag pansinin ung mga taong walang magawa sa yo at puro panlalait ang ginagawa dito!!! inggit lang yan!!!

cheap date said...

i would love to try yoga one time.

happy valentine's day bianca!

roxAnnE trIxiA said...

aww.. yoga?? akala ko yogart.. joke!! Happy valentines day Ms. B!! Dateless ba tayo bukas?? Oows.. I doubt! hehe.. grabe ang ganda ng Close to you ni Whigfield! Parang.. parang may isang anghel sa aking labi! Love conquers all.. kaya.. Rock en roll.. dapat walang malungkot.. para masaya! hehe.. Keep on rocking our lives ate B! owkey..

Happy valentines day once again..

shenski said...

yoga rocks! I actually registered na for Nike's free session.

isza said...

i'm a yoga enthusiast.. glad you're enjoying the experience.

Anonymous said...

hi ate bianca!!!!...im one of ur fanzzz....i really admire u!!!!ur such a great person!!!!

Anonymous said...

bianca, don't mind those people that keeps on putting you down!=p insecure lang sila!=p

*by the way nice post and happy valentine's day!=p

kaRen_myxmatch said...

Happy V-day Biancs! lets be inlove. yikee hahaha :p

"do not let anyone, or anything, take away your peace."

--haaay Biancs, ang hirap. promise lalo na kung yung SOMEONE na yun matters to you... i hope i can practice this one...

at yoga pala ang isa sa reasons ng pagiging light ng aura mo hehehe..

stay inlove with life and God.

desiree said...

dear bianca,
i hope you still remember i posted a comment last april 16 2007 although it wasn't displayed but nevertheless you thank me for that super sweet comment. Part of that comment says, " i still believe you and Lino will find each other again, someday..."

joanne said...

Hi,ate bianca,just want you to great a Happy Valentine's day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines day, Biancs. I Freakin' Love You! :)

Anonymous said...

happy v-day bia????????sino ka date mo ngaun is it a or b????????hahahaha sagutin mo bia ha...ako lng ang nakakaalam kung sino si a at b....

cheekyglobetrotter said...

yes!!! another bikram yogini! its been so hard for me to try and convince my friends to get into it and they don't believe me when i tell them how awesome it is... i've been doing this type for just over two years now and i have not found anything since that has challenged me the way this has..

peace to your next sessions... :D

Akashi Kanroe said...

Dear Bianca,
Hello! Hows your Valentines Day? I'm great except 2 girls 1 finger ruined my hearts day. Its disgusting! I hope you find true happiness. If you have time, visit my youtube channel. Thank you very much!

Your Fan

Anonymous said...

nice one!=p

happy valentine's day!=p

dak said...

happy red day!

Anonymous said...

Happy valentine's day ate Bianca!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's. :)

irish_joy said...

happy hearts day biancs! i hope u enjoyed ur day despite the toothache. yayks... :)

"do not let anyone, or anything, take away your peace."

we should. or else, it's like giving away our own happiness. so we should fight for it.

keep the faith. take care!

Anonymous said...

love will lead you back! haha

royalpurple said...

i'm a blogger on another site. But i want to leave some comments here in your space.

i came accross with your blog 2 years ago i think. I haven't repeated the experience until now. I just wanna tell you that i admire your wit, and the way you carry your wholesome image. You're a good role model to other youngs.

Kudos to you, bianca.

and God bless!


bianca said...

lady in waiting.. you are right. :) i started "minding" it in the name of "fairness", but i guess enough attention na nga yun kasi from here on, spreading unwanted negativity na lang yun. =p

bianca said...

sha, you are so sweet. thank you! belated happy hearts day!

bianca jr said...

do you know brahma kumaris? sort of yoga site at tagaytay.. =)

lady in waiting said...

i told you so, bianca!

it's good you paid attention to my advice..and come to think of it, bianca, on a positive note: i guess you're the celebrity whose blogsite is one of the MOST READ/ MOST VIEWED blogsite of all.


Anonymous said...

so are you, Biancs.. you're even sweeter! <3 U so much! oxoxoxoX ^_^

Anonymous said...

Are You Ready for Love?
Author Unknown

A good relationship isn't a game you play or an ego trip you take. It is about love and two people. Loving someone can give us the greatest joy we can ever know and
it can hurt more than we can believe too. When it does not really hurt when that person did something disappointing to you, but really hurts when you see that
person in pain and sadness, then you know you truly love that person.

Loving someone means you should be ready to experience heartache and happiness at the same time. That's the reward and that's the risk. Unless we are willing to experience it, we will never really know what it's like to love and be loved.

Sharing love is probably the most valuable and meaningful experience a person can ever have. And there's a difference between being in love with someone and loving someone. It's the difference between a love that's fickle, wild and short-lived and one that's tender and passionate, nurturing and lasts a long time. The first is easy. The second, the one that really matters to all of us, takes
work -- because it's about keeping a relationship.

Loving someone takes efforts. We have to be able to communicate with each other. Nobody can read anyone else's mind. We always presume that our partner knows what
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Getting the chance to love and be loved by someone is blessed. Respect him/her for who he/she is, and not what you want him/her to be. Everyone is pretty and special in his/her own special way. No one is perfect. It is true love which closes the gap of imperfectness to form a smooth surface of acceptance for each other. True love sees and accepts a person for who he/she is. It is also true love which makes a person change for the better.

The power of true love to a person is undeniable.

A relationship needs commitments too. What is love without commitments from each other anyway? It's like principles and values. Everyone has them but they only mean as much as we are willing to stand for them.

The same goes for our commitments to relationships, and the person we love.

"Love is like an antique vase. It's hard to find, hard to get, but easy to break."

Every day everywhere, people fall in love...but just how many of these relationships are self-sacrificing love, and not just relationships which are formed only for the intense feeling of falling in love? I know hundreds of friends who say the magical words "I love you"...but more often than not, the truth is just -- I am IN love with you. There is a difference between being in love with someone and loving someone. If a person says he/she is in love with you, he/she means that he/she likes you for who you are now and he/she fell in love with you because of the present you.

This kind of love is temporary and lasts only as long as the fairytale lasts. When fairy godmother comes in at midnight to whirl us back to reality, we see
the heartache of such a relationship...where both were only IN love with each other.

But if a person says he/she loves you, he/she means that he/she
loves you unconditionally for who you are now, who you were in
the past and who you might be in the future. When he/she says he/she
loves you and really means it, you have to ask yourself if you love
him/her too or if you're in love with the idea of being in love.
It is very hard to see the difference through logical thinking. Let your heart guide you.

Bianca, may you be blessed on your soul-searching journey for your soulmate.

Happy Hearts Month!! You truly deserve to be happy!! Sana ma meet mo na ang "THE ONE"

mhey said...

belated happy valentines ate bianc's!

..you look good everytime i watch you in entertainment live,you look blooming,nice smile huh?hehehe..director's choice ayt?hehehe


itot54joni said...

hi bianca,im one of your fans.please visit my blog: 100% Batangueno

Anonymous said...

Happy hearts month ate Bianca♥!

Anonymous said...

Happy Hearts Month Ate Bianca!!! Always looking forward for your next posts,here on your blogsite and your other website (http://helpkidslearnproject.multiply.com)

Anyway wishing you all the best!God Bless!

she said...

i, myself, would want to try yoga, in hopes of making my body flexible. hehe. kasi tingin ko, anyone and everyone who practice it becomes flexible.

pero ang alam ko nga, yoga is some sort of a religion or people who practices it belongs to a certain religion or group.

i asked my mom and dad about it even before pa. sabi nila, if you are practicing it just for exercise and the discipline it gives you, like what you said, ok lang. pero if you are into the deeper "spiritual" meaning of it, e wag na lang.

sabi mo, you consulted abt it na with your ptr, and mukhang no violent rxn from him naman e. true, fiath without deed is dead. and if you confess yourself as a follower of Christ, you must practice what is pleasing in His eyes pero i also believe that it is the HEART that is most impt to Him. He can see right through you, bianca.

sabi ng daddy ko kasi, nasa conviction na yan ng isang Kristiyano. kung anu ang conviction mo, yun ang sundin mo. pero i suggest you pray. the Holy Spirit will lead you on what to do.

yoga lang pero nagiging malalim na talk na noh? i hope you don't mind us giving or voicing out our opnions and advices.

anyway, God bless you bianca. may you be continue to be used mightily by God through your writings. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi bianca! ur sooo pretty yesterday sa EL! i love your aura para kang hindi galing nagpa-wisdom tooth extraction :)..natawa ako sa opening spiel nyo but parang mas feel ko ibigay ang coverboy delight sa'yo.hehehe..love you biancs! mwaaah!

Anonymous said...

sana lahat ng comments pinopost mo para fair..

Anonymous said...

hi! just want to ask if you're in love right now?

Anonymous said...

hi bianca.. i hope u can answer this "open letter" of mine..

howd u spend ur vday?

i really am hoping ud be able to post a comment on my comment..

i super admire you..

inside out, ur such a beautiful person.. :)

God bless u owez.. :)


natawa ako sa director's choice! hahahaha! ;P

m a r g e said...

im taking Yoga right now as my Phys Ed class here. i like it. not only because i paid for doing it (like it is a mandatory thing for me), but because they say that it helps you tone your body when you are a person who diets but doesnt exercise. =)

gyk said...

hahaha. i thought naman love life. i really want to try yoga. kaso i have no time eh. how sad. haha

Anonymous said...

hey bianca, san ka nagyoyoga classes? can i join..?:)

Yohann said...

Hello Bianca,

I came across this site just now and I'm so glad I did... :)

This is very cool and to think na your schedule is really hectic (I think) pero nakakapagshare ka pa rin ng thoughts through this site.

I am so impressed with your writing. Unlike me, I always rant and rave lang. hehe... Guess I am just stressed plus I am working pa when I am posting. I really admire you. :)

More power to you. :)

I hope you are having a great time. :)


Anonymous said...


You're giving me an impression that its OK to attend's Satans fellowship for whatever reason (curiousity, exercise,disicipline etc) as long as you don't dipped you soul to it. THINK What Would Jesus Do....


Again..there's are no shades of gray..you're either black or white..can't serve to masters at same time

Anonymous said...

i am into yoga, too. but we call it hatha yoga. really cool! anyway bianca nice to know u can still remain nice despite of all those people who just have nothing good to say. smile and be a cool yogeee ;)

jeni said...

well, it really depends on the motive but what God really forsaken is those people who know the right but continue to do wrong.

Anonymous said...

hi bianca,

im sorry i dnt have the time to deposit my contribution to ur project.. naabutan na ko ng final exams.. but dnt worry, the amount i pledged will be deposited as soon as possible..

nways, wats with these people who keep on comparing u to KC! mas totoo ka sa kanya, swear!

take care! god bless u!

girl fr multiply :-)

SweetRai said...

hi cool blog you got! link exchange? just do drop a message to my site i also have an auto linker there thanks! Godblessyou!

ellaine said...

hi bianca! wow.. not I got the courage na pra mag comment dito.. wla lng.. I'm shy kasi.. just want to tell you I totally agree with sam and ana.. ok I'll be praying for you! oh! you inspired me nga pla to start my own blog.. last year lang ako ng start..la lang thanks ha.. though it's not as good as yours.. may mad gaganda paba sa blog mo..=) Godbless

Anonymous said...

after reading this
pumunta ako dito para mag-comment
(MDR (*think* got it?) at love will lead you back)

im happy for you!
for the award and your relationship with him
(since it seems like theres something)

love will lead you back nga!

approve mo ito, pag hindi magagalit ako hahaha joke!

me&onlyme said...

me again (love will lead you back)
ngayon ko lang napanuod ung ELive
natawa ako dun sa directors choice hahaha im so happy

ATKINS said...


Anonymous said...

ate.. I love you so much! I'm praying that someday we'll meet in personal! I like just the way you are!

You rock everybody's world


crazygracee said...

i'm enticed now to really try yoga because of this entry. i've been planning to do yoga for a long time but i didn't have the time and chance. haha..

hope you'd write often. i love reading your entries. keep it up!

kae said...

hi bianca! congratulations sa yspeak. it won an award at the ustv diba? sayang, wala ka dun.i was even hoping you're the one who will receive the award. i was hoping to see you again in person.

laudemer said...

hey bianca!!!! please visit my site: http://oasisofthoughts.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Every once in a while, I'll get a piece of your mind so stupid that it's brilliant. You do make a good point however, when you talk about... oh wait, my bad, I started reading my response to you; you have no good points.

Don't let a silly little thing like the fact that you're a moron come in the way of your dream though.


Anonymous said...

everyone loves you!,congrats!=p

jacque said...

where do you take classes? sounds really cool :)

Anonymous said...

seems like youre in love na naman.. hehe. well i hope you make a wise choice this time..

Nadine Camille said...

Hi Ms. Bianca,

woah! As of now my mom is into yoga too!

Love your blog!

simula sa layout(kahit simple lang..iba talaga dating ng black..kahit plain lang pero elegant ang dating) hanggang sa content po ng blog mo...I admire your blog..:)

If you have some spare time, pls visit my blog and criticize it..will you?? please...So I'll know kung ano po ang mga positive as well as the negative things sa blog ko po...ok lang po yun...para po ma-improve ko pa po yung mga dapat ma-improve...

any blogging tips?? hehe..sorry po..kung abuso na 'to..hehe...Although I've read some of your blogging tips sa candy, meron pa po ba?? how bout tricks?? hehe..sorry po sa kakulitan...

God Bless and Take care!


Anonymous said...

your very blooming for the past few days,you're too in love!, well, good luck!=p

Kristine said...

hi bianca! :) just the beginning of this year i started practicing yoga and i'm so addicted! it so rocks my world.

Anonymous said...

Biancs! Live. Love. Laugh. :))))))
I miss you! See you sooooon!

-Kris A.

Anonymous said...

..."There are things that we never want to let go of, people we never want to leave behind. But keep in mind that letting go isn’t the end of the world; it’s the beginning of a new life..."

Hi bianca! This will be my first and last message for you. I'm an avid "bianjoe" supporter and to be honest with you after seeing dbuzz kahapon I was really hurt and disappointed..not because you didn't end up with zanjoe (vice versa) but because both of you end up with the persons na right from the start eh ayaw na namin for both of you. pero ika nga nila buhay nyo naman yan at di na namin saklaw ang personal lives ninyo.

well, it has been a wonderful 2 years naman. i've gained friends and i've learned a lot from this experience and for that i wanna thank you and zanjoe.

i hope when you look back 5 years from now and maalala mo ang "bianjoe or pudgies" this will bring a smile to your face. sana kahit papaano napasaya ka rin namin.

Good Luck Bianca! From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely wish you HAPPINESS (kayo ni zanjoe).

Isa lang naman ang gusto namin para sa inyo and that is for both of you to FIND TRUE HAPPINESS AND BE LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY..and sana biancs kahit may kanya-kanya na kayong lovelife ni zanjoe i just hope you can still be friends kasi sayang naman ang friendship ninyo.. kahit yan man lang..ibalato nyo na sa amin:)

i does not mean na hindi ko na kayo susuportahan ha. i'll still pray for both of you and i'll still watch your shows (kung may time..hehehe) basta mahal ko kayo and forever ko kayong mamahalin. God bless you bianca!!



Anonymous said...

hi bianca! i'm deth an avid fan of urs! as in sobrang adik.. hehehe..

tagal na kong nagbabasa ng blog mo, part din ako ng proboards mo.. gusto ka din ng mom ko.. actually lahat nga ng magazine na kaw ang nasa cover todo bili sya.. =p

the moment i heard na you and lino are getting closer again, medyo nag worry ako.. sa tagal tagal na kasi ng pagsubaybay ko sayo feeling ko friends na tayo (feeling ba?) nd ayaw ko na naririnig na nahu-hurt ka, though part un ng life.. right?

actually i want to have a big sister, kaya lang big brother ang meron ako.. kaya minsan pag nag da-day dream ako, minsan kaw yung ate ko.. toinkz! pag may negative ngang news about you, pinapatay ko na lang yung tv..

i hope someday makita kita in person, saya siguro nun! medyo shy kasi ako kaya basa lang ako ng basa..

un lang bianca! stay beautiful, nice and god fearing!

prose said...

we really love to be loved..
All the best in life ms. bianca..

Godbless always

Anonymous said...

like your blair(gossip girl) looks!=p

Anonymous said...

anonymous.. its bianca's choice kun sino ang gusto nyang i-post na comment!! kakaloka ka.. alangan namang i-post nya nag mga super negative! eh di,. panget naman yun sa side nya na may mag comment na ganun. she is just being true to herself! kung sino lang ang gusto nya.. yun lng!

ilovebianca said...

hey bianca! Come and visit my blog.. but I don't know if you will like it! its either you will like me or hate me at the same time! But blame addiction for someone like you.. its hard to overcome it!!

TIDIVUR said...

It's good to hear that you still have time for activities like this. Rock on, Bianca!



fingertalks said...

"do not let anyone, or anything, take away your peace."

wow. loved this quote! thanks for sharing this, bianca.

have a nice day always and stay happy.

canDIshhh said...

been loving bikram yoga for more than a year na!! great detox diba?


JeanGrey said...

"you know how when you think about love, then you have this stupid, smug smile on your face na di mo mabura-bura at medyo nahihiya kang humarap sa tao kasi nakangiti kang mag-isa?"

yeah! nakakangalay pa nga sa pisngi kapag lagi kang nakangiti diba? :)

iba talaga kapag in love!

neiyomee said...

i also want to try yoga...

neiyomee said...

hello again biancs...

happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Ate Bianca,

Congratulations sa inyo ni Lino! Sana lang kahit happy ka na in your relationship, friends kayo ni Zanjoe na nag uusap kayo at hindi nag kakahiyaan kahit na mag kasama kayo sa trabaho. Dont be afraid of critics. You are a great person at hindi mo dapat ikahiya ang love, care, and respect na share ninyo ni zanjoe sa isat isa. Those things that you shared with zanjoe, kahit na hurting kay lino, ay naging totoo ka naman sa lahat ng tao. Mahirap pumasok sa loob ng bahay ni kuya when your in a relationship.
Thanks for inspiring me friend, my idol.


arden Asuncion said...

Hei! I actually considered that before, since I need something to get rid of all these cholesterol without any rigorous movements. I hate rigorous movements! Hey check out my Xanga. haha wala lang.


m a r g e said...

i dont think i noted this on my previous comment, but i gathered from my yoga class...

Bikram = Love. so i understand what you are saying. =D it doesnt need to be a whole different love realm. thats all i want to emphasize

Erika said...

i've always wanted to try bikram yoga. kaso i have scoliosis andwala pang resources. :))

update naman! :]

ozy said...

Iba nga talaga yun feeling na kahit ano kaya mong gawin. Exercise does that talaga. Naalala ko tuloy yun sa Legally Blonde, endorphins make you happy XD

I think you've convinced me to try that Bikram Yoga out. Any contact info?

the world according to a pop-culture enthusiast said...

haha! I couldn't help but smile when i read that it also takes you months to finish reading a book. =p I'm like that rin kasi. I love going to book stores and buying lots of books but it takes me so long to finish them. It's nice to know that I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

woooh! In love ka lang talaga! don't deny it!

Anonymous said...

I sOO LoVe BLair...
DeFiNitELy MeaNt to BE the QUEEN B!..