04 February 2008

looking for some inspiration?

okay, here goes. di ako magmamarunong to say na gamay ko ang american politics. not at all!! in fact, i know little about the difference of the democrats and the republicans, ngayon ko lang natututunan ang sistema ng primaries and national elections, and unti-unti ko pa lang sinusubukang maintindihan what is considered more liberal or more conservative sa kanila.

i may not know much about how american politics and society works, but i do know much about inspiration. i know about inspiration and how it can move you. how simple but inspiring words can move you deeply and lift your spirits. how it can move you to believe. believe that you can do something. that you can be something.

i promise, worth it na panoorin ito! just wait for it to load.. you won't regret it!

inspiration not just for the american people but for any citizen of the world, i think! thank you mr. obama!


Anonymous said...

i sent PM to your multiply account re your help kids learn project. i want to help in my own little way.

hope to hear from you!

thanks and god bless!

Anonymous said...

hi ate bianca.
i can't sleep. =(
hope you don't mine if i ask what product are you using to remove your scars? dat is available here in Pinas. coz i do have scarred knees. . email me back beatrixnine@yahoo.com thanks so much. take care.

izh said...

really hope HE wins! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca!

I'm no good at US Politics but just like you I'm slowly learning and studying their politics (I've been checking CNN.com for Obama news and US Politics 101, haha)

I hope Obama wins the presidential elections. Drawing support from the youth makes you realize how inspring he is and how great his impact is.

Kris Ablan said...

I think Mr. Obama is all talk. I think he should serve a few more terms in the U.S. Senate before he tries to run for President.

Imagine, he is a freshman U.S. Senator. Prior to his election, his only claim to fame is as State Senator for 6 years. That's it.

No experience as Mayor.
No experience as Governor.
And then freshman U.S. Senator.

For President of the United States of America?
For Leader of the Free World?

I don't think so.

Now, I don't like Hillary either.

So, my vote goes to SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN.

He has the experience and is a true American hero, having served in the military during the Korean and Vietnam wars.

.acciemaj. said...

He'd be the 1st african-american president! :)

just_so_you_know said...

i guess it's time for US to have a President coming from the black community.

medyo weird lang ang name "Barack Hussein Obama", its like a combination of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.

Anonymous said...

he's one guy who can dignify America's politics, though. i hope we can have someone even slightest to that sometime soon...

anyhooo, hi biancs, it's me... just read your entire blog and will move on to your multiply account if i don't get lazy *laugh* :-)


thitin said...

hi bianca...,
me too...i'm not good in politics,even here in philippines..,haha..,just keep it as a secret.., but i'm trying to learn..,

take care!

God bless!

guevara said...

i couldn't agree more... hey bianca i hope you can link me back kasu i linked you in my blog

tingting said...

hi bianca!

i wrote a similar entry in my blog that although i am neither an american voter nor a political science expert, i'd have to say nobody has quite inspired me the way obama does.

you should also try reading his speeches found in his website. his commencement speech at xavier university really moved me to tears!

prince_paranoia said...

"... and most of all it is not about black versus white, it is about the past versus the future."

this line is so dignifying.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca, Obama is against to BPO companies, right? why say thank u to him? maraming magiging jobless sa atin niyan!

kae said...

hi bianca! ask ko lang kung ano yung website ng pink soda. thanks. =)

b33 said...

i personally dont care about american politics only because i think everyone in there is corrupted.
American politics affect the whole world, even though most Americans dont know theres a world outside America.
As you can tell, im not from the US. BUT i am from Canada. I dont hate them Americans, but i do think theyre selfish and that includes all those wannabe presidents...

hope my opinion matters...


shang said...

I think Obama is good for America but most analysts say it's Mrs. Clinton that will win. That is considering, of course, the popularity of Republicans that has waned after what George Bush did to the people of America.

http://in6words.blogspot.com said...

hi, bianca. it would be great if you could write a 6-word short story for a new blog. we would be totally honored to feature your short, short story, in our blog. thanks.=)

Anonymous said...

John McCain is a flip flopper. He has changed is views on certain issues in order to garner the conservative votes (ex: he was very vocal about NOT supporting the repeal of Roe v. Wade, but now does). He was one of the few Republicans I liked because he stood firm when it came to his true beliefs and principles. He even sided with the Democrats at times and completely disregarded the fact the he was going against his own party.

I sided with him when he was running against Bush during the 2000 primaries. Now that he's running for President (again), he knows that one of his biggest supports are right-winged conservatives so he's changed his stance to fit theirs (hence why he's leading the Republican race). For me, that shows how badly he wants to win this; he let go of what he has stood for to satisfy the voters that do not represent the real image of this country. So, what makes you think McCain isn't all talk?

It is also true that Obama does not have enough experience sitting in Senate compared to the other candidates. Then again, if you look at Bush, he had experience as Governor of Texas for eight years but as President, where did he take this country and how does the world view the U.S. today?

These candidates can have all the experience in the world, but what will matter is what they do with that experience once they're in the White House.

roxAnnE trIxiA said...

hello ate bi.. as always.. manggu-gulo ns nsmsn sko! oo nga noh.. basta gusto ko lang mag oo!.. baka later ate bianx.. maging pulitiko ka bigla.. dyuuusko po.. delikado buhay mo! tama nga naman na mag serve ka! pero ate,. we love you sooow much! you can help naman in the best way that you can eh! Tulad ng pag inspire sa ming mga juuugets na mag-aral pa para maabot ang aming mithiin sa life! nakz.. lalim! pero seryusu ate.. we love you talaga,. mag-ingat ka lang ng mabuti dahil ang mga nag-mamahal sayo.. (naks) eh pin ag-pepray ka! Owkey??.. soo.. God bless you ate at keep on shining..


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dont be BIAS bianca!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

well, obama is a real presider, i mean that's what the US president really do, to preside.

i like his composure and intelligence but i cannot tell if he'll be the next president. only US can know it at the very last minute.

As what Bill Clinton says, "there's a government inside the government i cannot control."

try to study more of US not only its politics but more of its structure and theological manner, and you'll see everything follows. look not only at the outside but the inside of US."

also try to hear the voices of american people, they are gradually initiating their diaspora everywhere, why? they have their reasons which i extremely agree.

thanks to the 9/11, it slowly opens the american minds to what their country really is.

just good luck to the americans.

may they find their way out...

quarterback said...

hi bianca!

thank you for appreciating my comment/answer to that anonymous' nega comment..though you didn't post my message i truly understand that..at least i know na binasa mo at nagustuhan mo ang sinabi ko kasi you sent me a "thank you note"..BONUS na sa'kin yon!

basta, im just here to DEFEND you kung may mag-aattack sa'yo esp. kung below-the-belt pa at puro NONSENSE naman ang comments nila!
i also get AFFECTED esp. when my IDOL is on the target! so DON'T WORRY, bianca...lagot sila sa akin!

and you're right! kung papansinin pa yung mga negativity nila eh lalo pa silang matutuwa.. so don't give them their satisfaction!

again, how SWEET of you to send me your "thank you" comment!

thanks again, bianca! see you in E-LIVE this saturday!

Anonymous said...

mas gusto ko si hilary. yoko kay obama lalong yayabang yung mga egoy dito sa america.

Lorenz said...

nosebleed naman.
just kidding =))


i hope time will come wherein we would also have someone who would write us the next great chapter...

we also want some CHANGE here!!!
in case you don't notice...

random thought: ate biancs, are you interested in politics? :))


i really like this guy. i loved her guesting in the tyra show but still i don't know... he's facing a tough competition from mrs. clinton... goodluck! actually, kung papansinin naman naten di lang amerika kundi kahit saan bansa naman ng planetang ito nagkakaisa sa paghahanap ng isang magaling, mabuti at matinong presidente whatever the gender, color and race. what we need is a great leader! to make this world a much much better place to live in.

Anonymous said...

"mas gusto ko si hilary. yoko kay obama lalong yayabang yung mga egoy dito sa america."

congratulations, you take the cake for the most ignorant comment. people like you are the reason why this country's going backwards. open your eyes, talk to people, and read your current events.

MannilynA said...
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Anonymous said...

ideally, obama is inspiring and looks sincere with his campaigns here..but sometimes he's foot is in "dream land" that they're not that achievable..

p.s he's only 100+ votes away from clinton,whether they admit or not,race is the issue -- still..

kcd said...

For the longest time, I hoped that our country has the two party system like in the US. I'm tired of seeing local politicians jumping from one political party to another, and it pains me to see another proof of weak governance in the senate right now.


Anonymous said...

hindi ko alam kung sya ba talaga ang magbibigay ng inpirasyon sa akin. baka naman tayo ang may pagkukulang kaya di nagbabgo ang mundong to. lagi tayong naghihintay ng leader samantalang may kakayahan tayo papareho. radical moves for radical changes.. nga pla wag yo na awayin ung may ari ng blog na to gusto lang nyang mag share ng thoughts gaya nyo. mahalin mo na lang ang kapwa mo

I Love You So Much Biancs said...

no comment on politics stuff...

I love you Bianx <3 XOXOxOxX =)...

chingkay said...

hey B,

i saw a link about ur site on one of my friend's multiply page. and since then i started reading ur entries. it's odd pa nga eh coz i started reading the most recent ones tapos i got hooked so started reading the past entries. just noticed that u were so much different back then ( well aside from the fact that u blogged religiously) not in a bad way i guess.

it's just amazing na before, you were a writer for abs and got into a fight with your mom pa nga eh about your job and sched and not being able to graduate on time, but look at you now. sobrang iba yung life mo dati, sobrang in love ka din sa justin? boyps mo ata that time.

i'd like you to know na i never liked you before but never hated u as well, this may sound like a fan mail, pero the moment i got hooked into reading ur blog, i found out that u are a smart person and has value for education, life etc. you are such a humble person and you even reminded me of my liking to travel. i have been planning to do this since last year but never found someone to travel with, so i kind of forgot it already but when i saw ur travel pics, (esp the one in vietnam i think) i got inspired and now i have accomplished my first step, finding a travel buddy. btw, u take good photos, i just don't know if you still edit them.

now whenever i see you on tv, it's like i know a different bianca...and i admire you for that. you really are a good role model. well it's a bit long for my "i-just-want-to-let-bianca-know-that-she-inspires-someone-she-doesn't-know"

i'm not a stalker btw. hehe


tina said...

hello bianca!!! about the comment below me..may multiply ka na pala didn't know about that. anyways..I love this entry ( well I actually love all your entries) because it speaks about things you can do. You know Gaby dela Merced? For me she's my guide, you know what, I've been a bum for 5 years. All i did was go to school and do the errands with it. I was stucked. I hated going out and meeting new friends. After knowing Gaby, everything just changed. The weird side is that, it was all because of her passion in racing. I love racing too but never did it actually. I never thought na may GIRL palang racer until i knew gaby. Tas nalaman ko pa na she does any other sports. Alam mo yun, sa liit niyang tao nagagawa niyang gawin yung mga gusto niyang gawin? to think those games of her choice are for MALES. so parang ako.. NAINSPIRE NAMAN ako. So she did changed my views in life. I've planned everything for next semester. I'd love to be as active as gaby too. Coz I know kaya ko rin gawin yung mga gusto kong gawin.

Sorry if ang haba neto.. napaisip kasi ako bigla. Tas nabasa ko pa yung FIRST paragraph ng blog mo na to.

Hope you'll have a good day ahead ate bianca!!!


-oh you may not approve this. okay na ako kung nabasa mo to. hehehe

Anonymous said...

hi bianca,

was missing ur blog last 06. realized it was back just now 2/08 (geez! i must have been hibernating or something huh) its nice to get to read ur posts again.


ulap143 said...

It's not always easy to see the good in people. In some people, you might even doubt that it's there at all. But if you can somehow, find a way to believe...sometimes that's all it takes to help someone, to give them the strength to find the good in themselves.

m a r g e said...

just like everyone else, i am still trying to grasp this whole realm of American Politics. during Super Tuesday, i realized just how apathetic i am towards the primaries. ive been here for two years now, and i have not grasped the depth of their politics. *American Politics = NFL : things i have to learn still* i love politics. i plan to breath politics into my life (hihihi!) though American Politics made me realize that i still want to go back to the Philippines. I think its because thats the reason why i fell in love with politics. now with that premise, i still though have the conviction that i am Democratic leaning. the great divide for me came with the 9/11 realizations and how each party moved. however, for the Dems, on the primaries, there were the top3 contenders. Obama, Clinton, and Edwards. Edwards dropped out of the race already even before Super Tues (thank u! i really cant believe he tried running again). so now its up for Obama and Clinton. I have had this "fanaticism" for the Clintons before, but i feel the sentiment of most Dems who say that they want change, and the alternative to change is Obama. why? their sentiment is that giving Hillary the position is like not having change at all for the country will undergo the same "management" as around 15 years ago (16 to be exact). Obama is inspirational, admirable, and utopic. i hope that if he is to become President, his utopic messages will turn prophetic. it is a good one, mind you, but often times reality is different. his idea of unity is really nice since that is what we aim for and that is what can do good for any country.

wow! sorry, i flooded you with my idea, but it is just nice to share it (without my American friends judging me. haha!)

Steffi said...

I live in California and this year is the first time I can actually vote. I voted for Obama because I feel like he will generate a HOPE that the world needs.... I rerally do hope he wins.. also, im so glad that people around the world care about him too:)

Anonymous said...


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me&onlyme said...

"If we’re meant to be together, we’re meant to be together"

remeber that? you said that in
Starstudio Magazine - April 2007 Issue. Is it meant to be? hehe
take your time

hay basta im so so so so happy for you

Ling Xiaoyu said...

Hai Biancs!

I'm a Barrak Obama fan! Yup, he is indeed inspirational!

Check out my blog:www.pinkknight9.blogspot.com because I'm featuring some unknown Pinoys who really made big internationally!

jishinka said...

how were you able to post a video from you tube? cant figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring people through words is a great thing; however you can't run a country through words alone. Sana kung manalo man yang si Obama, hindi sya ganun. One factor na nagpapanalo kay Obama ay yong mga artista. I really hope that they'll stay away from politics dahil, sad to say, ang America kagaya lang yan ng Pilipinas na mas kilala ng mga tao ang mga artista kesa sa mga nagpapatakbo ng bansa. It's quite scary to see him win, especially when the people endorsing him are relying on nothing but words. Please endorse responsibly if you will dahil maraming tao ang mga naniniwala sa kanilang mga nababasa from people like you. No offense, I do like your posts pero wag naman ng pasukin ang pulitika :)

Dana said...

Ok,I decided to just put it here...

Barack Obama. I have to say he is causing quite the stir across our land and even the world. Did you know that the people of Obama, Japan are rooting for him to be president? Did you know that people are fainting at his 'rock-star like' rallies? Comparison to JFK are being made. Similarities are found in his speeches of today and John Edwards speeches in the last presidential election, of Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches of the past, of JKF's speeches during his political reign. His speeches are motivating and inspiring to so many (contrary to the effect of his wife's speeches). He knows how to deliver a charismatic message that speaks of change and making a difference. By the way, he does not write his own speeches. He just delivers what others write.NP - but what bothers me is that his followers are treating him in such a messianic fashion as if he is the ultimate answer and savior for our country and for us. It's as if we, the people, have no control over our future, that we are without hope and that we depend on him to solve our problems. Sorry.....neither Barak Obama, John McCain or any of the other candidates can ever solve my problems. Only I can. If I am unemployed, I could care less what the government can offer me - I will hustle endlessly and get a job because I have a family to support. If my taxes are high, I will seek ways to reduce my tax liability on my own. There actually are ways. If my mortgage rate is about to adjust upward and out of control, I guarantee I will not be calling the government for help. I will tirelessly try to refinance. In other words, government is not the answer to our problems. We, the people, have more power than we admit but we delegate it to our government because quite frankly, it's easier to let someone else take care of you than to saddle up and do it yourself. Also, it gives us someone else to blame our woes on, rather than taking responsibility ourselves.

Anonymous said...

as the days pass by at lumalapit na ang eleksyon, lalong nakakatakot yang stand ni obama. hanggang salita lang kasi. sana bago magsalita o mag-endorse tong mga artista, isipin naman nila ang impact ng mga sinasabi nila sa media. maraming uto-utong naniniwala agad sa mga artista e...

parallel_turn said...

Hi Bianca,
I am not much of a writer but I was bowled over by what ur doing with kids project and being well informed about american politics but, although I don't lean towards the democrats, I agree that Obama is an inspiration to everyone esp. if he wins the primaries.
It's by chance that while browsing the inquirer website that I happened to come accross the part where celebs blog and out of curiosity I happened to check the featured celeb which is you. I wont dwell on politics but to praise u for having a social consciousness.

vanessa said...

hi!!it's really cool checking out your blogs..
i first learned of your account sa candy mag long time ago..but bcoz busy ako sa skul, i manage to open a blogspot account just recently..
writing has always been my passion..but i admit im not so goody good in it..but im coping up through this blogging thing..
ive been watching u in pbb and cinema news alert a lot..and u are great!!
you inspire me in so many ways..
thanks and keep up!!