19 October 2009

still up for some volunteer work? :) that's great!!!! :)

work and school schedules have gone back to normal, but for those of you with time to spare, here are some projects you might want to help out with.


national bookstore has an amazing focus for their relief efforts! to help schoolkids affected by the floods! with only P20, you can help purchase a pack for a child in need. this runs til october 24!

and in line with this, national bookstore has partnered with megatent to pack the goods. operations are 10AM to 12MN, today, october 19 til wednesday, october 21! just head to megatent, along meralco ave in pasig city! its right between dep ed and renaissance condo, and its across alexandra. no requirements needed, just your time and effort!


unicef, in partnership with the dswd, also have ongoing operations this whole week! just contact the unicef team using the email address and phone numbers in the poster below. please click on the image to enlarge.

mabuhay ang mga pinoy, sobra!!


alexis said...

i participated on the national bookstore project. also, i am grateful that there were a lot of young filipino who are willing to use their time wisely in doing volunteer jobs :) saludos!

it was a great feeling that i became a part of giving relief goods in our own little ways. me and my mom gave out food in marikina eventhough i was sick those times. i don't care. kung walang kikilos, mamamatay ang mga kababayan ko sa antipolo! LABAN!!

yella_=) said...

can i repost this bianca? I'd like to share this with people on FB, and coming from you, I think many will help.^^

Anonymous said...

Hi! :)

Our foundation, Knowledge Channel has also launched a campaign entitled Tulong Balik Eskwela, in partnership with the Lopez Group Foundation and ABS-CBN Foundation, to help collect and redistribute school supplies to public school students affected by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

You can visit our multiply site at tulongbalikeskwela.multiply.com for more details or if you have friends who might be interested in helping in the campaign.

Thanks! :)

Elbert said...

hi bianca!

i also just want to point people's attention to START HERE, a project collecting artwork inspired by relief efforts that aims to inspire others to help rebuild the country.

It's currently organizing a SKETCH-A-THON this November 15 at Fully Booked High Street, where artists and artists-at-heart can come and draw their visions of hope, creation, and rebuilding. Art enthusiasts can also commission sketches from professional artists in exchange for pledges and donations.

Details are at http://rebuild-starthere.blogspot.com. Thanks!

Raffy Jay said...

It's good to know that Filipinos can do something to make this nation worth living.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca! Would you be interested in doing a talk in DLSU?

Ruth said...

Maayong Kadlawon (kadlawon is silent “o”) – good “midnight” HAHA
Walay Sapayan – You’re Welcome (thank you – you’re welcome/walay sapayan)
Unsa imong pangalan? – What’s your name?
Taga asa ka? – From where are you?
Asa ka nagpuyo? – Where do you live?
Pila imo edad? How old are you?
Kinsa imong ganahan sa atong mga HM’s? - Who do you like among our HM’s?
Unsa man imo masulti sa/ni… - What can you say about…?

Any words or sentences you want to learn in Bisaya?...Just tell me… I’d be happy to help:)))

Sorry if I send this here on your blogspot. I was planning to direct message you on twiiter but I can’t DM you so here nalang. So, yeah, you can not approve this here. Copy them nalang sa paper or wherever you feel convenient. I just gave you some lines that you frequently use in uplate. Hope they can help you.

Am always watching uplate. (Insomniac)
Good luck to the whole PBB!
God Bless :]

Ruth said...

mingawon ko nimo - i will miss you
daghan kaayong salamat sa kanunay na pagtan-aw sa PBB - thank you very much for always watching PBB

i read you tweet...HAHA

BabydoLL said...

hey there, ate bianca! look what i have found, it's just a reblog but it says it all, ha.


there's something you should see, it's adorable. the cast of gossip girl urging everyone to vote.

BabydoLL said...

hey, ate biancs! pki check naman to, i have reblogged a pic of gossip girl wearing rock the vote shirts... parang they are encouraging people to vote, it's nice.!


Dylana said...

Lovely blog!


Anonymous said...

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