09 November 2009

playing advice giver!

happy six years to my blog!!!! yaaaay! sorry for the delayed post! to celebrate, a few posts back i asked you to post anything you might've needed advice for. i am sorry i couldn't reply to all, some of your problems i really didn't know what advice i could give. but some, i tried my best to give so-called words of wisdom. :p they're divided into sections: yourself, work and school, and love. :) enjoy! hahaa!


about: true friends?

Anonymous said..
what would you do if you thought you've found your true friends then all of a sudden they left you and treat you like they never knew you?

bianca says..
dear, i think you know the answer to your own question. :) gosh, its a terrible feeling to realize that. :( you should do nothing, i mean to them, don't waste your time and energy on that anymore.. on the brighter side, at least you know which friends are real and which friends are fair-weathered. :)

about: finding yourself.

Anonymous said..
how to find yourself? any advices?


merlin said..
Hi Bianca, i hope you could give advice or thoughts on how to deal with quarter life crisis. Sometimes, it just attack you on realizations about career, achievements, relationships, faith and others. I think you also experienced that, how did you handle it?


Krish said..
maybe you can give an advice on.. how someone can find his/her passion in life? i'm only 20 and will graduate in a year.. but i really don't know what exactly to do after school! is this the quarter life crisis they say?

bianca says..
oh my!! a question i need help in answering too!! how old are you guys? :) lots of people call this the "quarter life crisis" nga. til now, i still do not know if it does exist but i just try to do my best every single day! love work and work hard, spend quality time with family and friends, reward yourself when you deserve it, cry it out when you need to, enjoy "me" time!! just do know that YOU ARE DEFINITELY NOT ALONE! a lot of people i know, even much older than us, are still trying to "find themselves". i think its normal. :p don't pressure yourselves. :)

about: being gay.

i think i said..
what if (kunwari hypothetical pero hindi naman talaga) so what if... ur gay. i mean me. i'm gay. and i shouldn't be.
right? like, i can't be gay. no. do i sound like i need an advice? is this like an "advice-wanting" question? anyway, thanks. i guess.

bianca says..
aaaaaaw.. hi there. :) why can't you be gay? along with many, many others, allow me to tell you this: there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being gay or realizing you are gay! it might be that you're concerned about what your family or friends might say. for that, i suggest you ask another gay friend how they did it. from the stories i've heard, the feeling of being free and out there will give you happiness like no other. good luck! and be fabulous! :)

about: being materialistic.

dr3am said..

maybe the advice i need is about being materialistic.. i've read & heard in the tv that u're soooo kuripot.. how do you manage it? as n i wanna get rid of being materialistic.. i got no savings & just bought stuffs i want..

bianca says..
haha! nakakahiya naman, yes i have admitted to being "kuripot" but hearing it from somebody else, i'm suddenly shy! okay. here goes. i'm not a big spender. but i do spend. what i am is, i'm a big saver. ever since i was a kid, ganun na ako. saving money is very important. its up to you how much of your allowance or salary you wanna save, what's important is that you discipline yourself to do it. prioritize spending on things you need. don't be too kuripot though. you deserve to reward yourself after doing something successfully or after getting through something major! good luck! :)

about: traveling locally.

emenemz said..

where do you recommend my next trip be? locally i mean.. me and my friends are planning to go to PAGUDPUD ILOCOS on September for my BDay... i've heard its a great place... have you been there?

bianca says..
ooh! i have been to pagudpod but only once, and for work! so i didn't get to see it much. of all the local cities i have been to though, i highly, highly recommend ilocos, baguio, tagaytay, batangas, cebu, boracay, davao.. and i recommend not only doing the touristy things but also asking local friends to take you around so you see the place through their eyes! my dream local destinations also include batanes and palawan.

about: writing.

neajoctaba said..
dear superbianca, i missed the way i write nung Friendster days pa. i miss myself back then. and i feel na i was better those days. but i know hindi ganun kadaling bumalik sa past. what can i do? thank you in advance. much love.

bianca says..
get back to writing! :) yessss, do it! whether it be a blog post, simple doodles, a poem, a diary entry.. the best way to get back into shape when writing is to keep writing. when i don't get to blog for a long time, i also feel like nothing i write seems witty or smart or interesting enough. but just keep writing til you get back in the groove. good luck! :)

about: stereotyping.

Teena says..
i am a Muslim-Maranao from down south and i know how we've been depicted by the media, by people, by the world, generally. but just because we embrace a diverse belief doesn't make us any different from everyone else. just like you, we could only wish for PEACE to reign forever
oh, seems like this comment is misplaced. hehe. but really, how do you deal with people who stereotype?

bianca says..
ahh, stereotyping. yes it does bother me too, but whether on a large or small scale, we have to admit that all of us do it, sometimes not on purpose din naman. i think stereotyping becomes bad and unhealthy when it is out of closed-mindedness, like those people not willing to learn. just try to block it out when you hear things said about you, do your thing and show everyone what you got, and you yourself, set an example to keep an open mind. :) you seem like such a strong girl, and for posting this pa lang, i'm proud of you! :)

about: moving abroad.

celine :) said..
bianca! ung buong pamilya ko, nasa UK, as in parents and 3 siblings. they want me to stay there as well after graduation, gusto ko din para makasama ko sla, pero a big part of me, ayoko talaga, i just don't want to stay there for good, ayoko din iwan tita ko na nagpalaki samin. pwede naman natin i-offer ung service natin sa kapwa filipinos kesa sa iba. dba? :) wahh. anong gagawin ko?

bianca says..
i'm sure so many other young pinoys are dealing with your dilemma as well.. aaw.. i'm sure they want you to join them because they miss you and they want na kumpleto ang pamilya. i am in no position to tell you what to do, and cheesy as this may sound, i say follow your heart. the upside of being in the uk is being reunited with your family, and there could also be so many opportunities for you in terms of work there. the upside of staying here is being in your comfort zone and going for what you are passionate about here. you could also try it out there for a year, then if it doesn't work, come back home? know that you are blessed to have two great opportunities, whatever it is you choose. :)

about: staying positive.

MYCKLE said..
My question is, "How do you remain positive despite of all the negativism especially in your line of work?".

bianca says..
hay, negativity. so tough no? i think in any line of work, because of the way society works, there will be negativity talaga. just try as much as possible to, as they say, not sweat the small stuff. i am generally a really positive person but that doesn't mean i never get sad or upset. everyone gets sad or upset! haha! i think its in the little things. and try to smile a lot. and try to make others feed off your positivity. :)

about: discontent.

rosemarie said..
i don't feel content with anything. ewan ko kung bat gnun. i don't like my work, and i don't like my lifestyle. palagay mo ba ako ang may problem?

bianca says..
sounds to me like you need a vacation. or at least some alone time to think about things and enjoy the simple things in life! do not worry, you are not alone, many people go through what you are going through, i have too.. maybe its time to step back, breathe, listen to yourself think, reassess what you want right now in life. :)

about: acne.

-xuper p.- said..
i really have a big acne problem for 3-4 yrs... and it really affects my confidence. i would walk head down and talk to people without looking in their eyes. i also would make excuses for our get together with my high school buddies just to escape from them seeing my face.. i still believe that my face will be back to normal again but please help me, what will i do to gain confidence even i have this face?

bianca says..
aaw xuper p!!!! :(( i feel for you! when i went through an acne problem stage too, that's exactly how i felt! and again, do not worry cause everyone goes through that! i am no doctor to be able to prescribe an anti acne cream for you, but do consult a derma because they would know best how to help you! but for now, i can say this, the more you lack confidence in yourself, the more people will notice flaws. really! but if you handle yourself with confidence and with a go-getter attitude, others will see that in you, and not the flaws you are trying to hide! smile and keep your chin up. :)


about: school stress.

kiMme said..

When you were in college, did you ever have a hard time coping up with academic stress? Like feeling that you'll never succeed because of your grades, etc.. If so, how did you deal with it? :)

bianca says..
yessss!! of course!! oh my. i remember the stress like it was only yesterday! haha! school is tough. it really is. but believe me, those days that you feel like you have sooo many readings, papers to do, projects to complete, na feeling mo super imposible? posible. super posible! i dunno about you pero ako grabe yung adrenaline when working on so many things for school at the same time, kasi grabe din yung fulfillment after. the key is time management. :)

about: hosting.

superkate said..
hi ate biancs... request lang sana ako na magpost ka din ng blog about your style of hosting...ü and also i wanna ask some advice on how to be a good host like you...ü

bianca says..
you are so sweet, thank you superkate! i actually really never (or if ever, once in a bluemoon lang talaga) blog about my work.. i feel my blog is my outlet to show who i am as a person, not just who i am at work, i post about what i like to do, what my family and friends are like, random rants and thoughts. :) however, because you asked, i will give you a very important tip from a good friend who also happens to be my manager, boy abunda. he simply said, "to be interesting, you have to be interested." keep that in mind, not just with hosting, but with life in general! :)

about: quitting the call center.

sui generis said..

I'm 26 yrs old and I just resigned from being a call center agent for almost 4 years because I want to pursue a career in writing, kasi yun naman yung tinapos ko. Gusto ko talagang maging writer, specifically TV program writer, but then, kadalasan ang hinahanap eh yung may experience.

bianca says..
i started in tv production as a brainstormer because i also wanted to become a writer! i am so happy you want to pursue your passion in life, not a lot are as brave as you, so my suggestion is this. take classes or seminars. look it up online. one day or one week on film or production, classes by ricky lee, even abs workshops. its when you join these groups that you meet people and opportunities open! a lot go through the p.a, brainstormer, researcher route before actually becoming a writer. that's usually how everyone works their way up. good luck and go for it! :)

about: job after college.

Roanne said..
I'm in college studying European Languages majoring in French, German and Italian. I'm in my senior year and I still don't have any idea on what to do after graduation. I seriously want something I can use my abilities and talents like translation or interpretation. I just wanna ask what possible careers are there for me.

bianca says..
i totally love your course! why not try passing your resume to unicef philippines, or any other international relations org? just look up the addresses and contact people online and go for it! i suggest unicef because i have a friend named gina, it was just her dream to work there, she passed a resume, went on with her life, three years after they actually had an opening and she got the job! inspiring right? :) just keep passing your resumes and with your zest and energy for sure you will get your dream job soon! :)


about: being nbsb.

Anonymous said..
i am so 'sheltered'. i'm 20 and nbsb. no boyfriend since birth! 
kahit isang guy wala akong kaclose. may mga friends pero casual friends lang wala talagang closeness. what should i do? tnx.

bianca says..
there is nothing wrong with being nbsb. and you're only 20! :) take your time, enjoy being single, and enjoy friends! i do think though that you should go out of your way to mingle more, with both girls and boys. i was lucky i went to co-ed schools all the way, so it was no problem finding guy friends. just start hanging out with big groups then eventually from there you will come out of your shell and not be shy to get to know people more. you can do it! :)

about: a friend not over the ex.

laptop said..
is it right for you to feel disappointed? if all along, you found out that you're friend is still hooked with her ex?? nakakainis lang kasi, its almost a year, but the things that remind him are still with her.. minsan, nakakasawa na lang talaga mag-advice, pero no choice din naman, dahil kaibigan nga ako eh, di ba?

bianca says..
i have been both in your place and in the place of your friend! its really hard dealing with break ups, and moving on is usually the most terrible part. its great of you to be such a good friend giving advice non stop, and you know what, please don't get tired of doing it. your friend just needs her support system, and that is you. she's vulnerable and probably hard headed nga, but when she does come to realize that she should move on, she will oh-so-thank you for it and your bond as friends will be much stronger too. :)

about: fighting for love.

Anonymous said..
what would you do if your heart has finally decided to love but the one your heart loves has already decided to let you go and has found another heart to love? would you still fight for it?


Les said..

Sometimes my mind is telling me to give up already on the relationship I am in now. But my heart keeps on telling me to hold on. In times like this that your mind and heart do not agree with each other. Which one do you think is the best to follow? Mind or heart?

bianca says..
oooooouch.. aaw!! :(( what a situation. hayayay. you both are in a different but sort of similar situation. allow me to share what i've learned about fighting for love. YOU are the only person that can decide if you want to fight for it or not. you will feel it. you will!! if you wake up one day and you feel you still want to fight for it. do it, go. give it all you got. one day if you wake up and you feel, hey, its gone, you're fine, and you don't want to fight for it. then. you. will. know. :) iba kapag nasabi mo na talaga sa sarili mo na you gave it your all and have no regrets. when you feel that peace inside, then you know, you're super gonna be fine. :)

about: being friends with your ex's family.

Anonymous said..
i was just wondering if it's really possible to be friends with your ex's family and at the same time, moving on with your life. needless to say, i am going through the same dilemma. i am hoping someone can finally give the light without judging me that i have hidden motives by being still in contact with the family.

bianca says..
you actually already answered your own question! yes it is possible! cliche but just so true, time heals all wounds. you are right, i am still very, very close to the family of my ex! but i also have to tell you that that didn't happen right away. in any break up, the distance and the time apart after is still very important. after some time without communication, when all is well, around a year or so in my case, when i did finally get in touch with them again, it was back to normal! its just great when it does happen. :)

about: after the break up.

Mr. Nice Guy said..
What do you think are the good things to do for oneself after going through a failed relationship?

bianca says..
travel!!!!!! without a doubt, travel! it doesn't have to be far, it just has to be somewhere where you can just be with yourself, or good friends, or family. you have to love yourself, spoil yourself, pamper yourself! for the first time after such a long time, this is when you don't have to worry about someone else, all you have to please is yourself! it does take time to adjust, but you will be fine and great in no time! you gotta believe it for it to happen too! :)

about: is it just physical?

Anonymous said..
i'm with a guy right now and he always tells me he finds me attractive. he usually compliments me physically, but other than that, i don't feel that he's truly into me because of what i am as a person. if it's simply based on the outside, then i don't think it could sustain what we have. plus we have little things in common. you think it would work?

bianca says..
oh my, that is hard.. hay. of course initial attraction is always physically first, but more than that, i think a meaningful relationship is when you share views, goals, values. you don't have to be agreeing on everything, but you are right, you both have to love each other because of who you are as people.. aaw.. sorry if i wasn't able to help, but something this major only you can decide. give it a chance, work on the relationship, and take your time to think more about it. :)

about: real love.

marge said..

I would like to hear your own opinion about real love? how would you know if its real love? How can you make a relationship last? thank you.

bianca says..
marge! i would like to know the answer to this too! haha! allow me to open up.. i had three long term relationships, before this current relationship i am in now, and i would also like to know the "secrets" to a lasting relationship, if there are any! i'd like to believe that all of us in relationships, are in it, because we are all hoping that this will be "it". good luck to us all! :p anyone reading this, feel free to post your advice for us! haha!

about: relationship turning sour.

Anonymous said..
how do you handle a relationship that's turning sour?

bianca says..
:(( haaaaaay. love naman talaga, o, bakit ka ganyan?? hay. okay. hmm.. for some of my friends, time apart really works. you don't necessarily have to break up yet, more like, just have more time to yourselves. much like the movie "one more chance", where the couple just had to re-figure-out who they were as persons, because they sort of lost themselves in the relationship. maybe that might work for you. hang in there! pray about it!

thank you soooooo much to everyone who reads my blog!!!! :)) many, many more years to come i hope!! and if you are bloggers yourselves, keep on posting!! :))


Anonymous said...

happy 6th anniversary to your blog
i hope you keep on inspiring
our youth of today

write often.


maganda_214 said...

i love you and your blog! :) both so positive & inspiring! keep on burning :))

always your no. 1 fan, Christine Margaritte

Krish said...

thanks for answering! :) may GOD bless you always!

neaj octaba said...

Wow! Thank you!
Happy 6th anniv to superbianca.blogspot.com.
We love you. ;)

Anonymous said...

i agree! =)

Clarrise said...

wow, happy 6th to your blog.. :) Keep on rockin! :D

jarold said...

happy anniversary to your blog super bianca, to borrow your expression I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!! keep it UPLATE :p

kristina noelle said...

wow. ms. bianca happy 6th anniversary to your blog. I NEVER FAIL TO READ YOUR POSTS, cause i find inspiration in it. YOU are truly my idol... hmmm... keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca, just sharing out my thoughts about quarterly life crisis.

I think it's merely the overwhelming, fast-paced changes you encounter. It just so happened that within that range, a lot of major things can happen like...:

...saying goodbye to the steady estudyante life, the pressure of finding the best career that's practical and that'll make you happy, the changes of friends around, lesser family time and lesser fam support...These are the common major ones...Not to mention those who started their own family at a young age..By this time, you don't have much chance to dwell on searching for your own self. You start living by everyday life and what fate gives you, you don't get to choose anymore.

I'm happy with what my life has been thru, but there are still some issues life I would've gone back and took slowly somehow.

-mE (graduated college at 19, worked at 20, migrated at 21, married at 22, had a beautiful baby girl at 23)

Anonymous said...

food for thought..
"Sometimes, you just can't have what you want when you want it, but that doesn't mean you can never have it. everything takes place at the right time. It's not NO, just NOT NOW."

congrats superbianca!

Carlo Dimaandal said...

Wow 6 years of blogging. Congratualtions. I wish I can blog like that.

More power.

Anonymous said...

you gave me advice!! awww. thank you!! :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for answering my question about it being just physical. and yes, i'm giving it a shot. spending more time with him makes me realize that we do enjoy each other's company. yes...we do have little things in common, but you're right, we don't need to agree on everything. i'm happy we respect each other's views. the bottomline is we're happy together. yes, this is love, maybe not yet that deep, but it's a start of something beautiful. thank you again for the advice and for the support. and you inspire me to write and to do something for the society. keep posting! happy 6th anniversary, superbianca! will keep on reading! God Bless!=)

annie marie. said...

thanks bianca, for also posting meaninful posts.

i am not a very good blogger like you and many others i actually happen to read here in blogger, as well as in multiply, but i do my best.

and yes i hope you will have more years to write your posts, your idea, and your passions. thanks again.

akosicheng said...

great blog! how i wish i could reach that number of years in blogging :) good work! may you inspire more people just like how you inspire me :)

Anonymous said...

that was a bawi talga na post after a long time na walng post..naipon pla ung thoughts..hehehe

I'm so inspired with you I had at least 3 posts in my blog already..

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the advice.. i will really do what you said.. you're a great help... that's why i love you so much as a fan...hope we'll see each other with my new face... hehehe...

-xuper p.-

mikami said...

hi bianca.. i just accidentally bump into your blog ngayon lang.. wow 6yrs.. congatulations.. i read some of your entries, know what i cant help but admire your positivity and your diskarte in life. i watched you in pbb saw your simplicity and sincerity as a person and now so many blessings so many shows you remain as humble and well grounded as i first watched you in pbb.. keep it up.. from now on i'll be be 1 of your avid readers on yout blog.. Godbless

superveya said...

hi there!
nice work ah! =) napuyat ka siguro jan, hihi!

congratulations and keep spreading the peace, love and happiness! =) see you soon!

freyti said...

happy 6th anniversary blog!
grabeh...5 years na rin ako nagbabasa ng blog mo!ahihi...sana more years pa!dont stop lolah B! aja!!!

shariel said...


pretty ni Bianca!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you bianca!! :) you are truly an inspiration! thanx for taking time answering our questions. na inspire ako nung sinabi mo na i am blessed kc meron akong two great apportunities. :) thank u talaga. more power!!! happy anniversary to your blog!!!
--celine :)

Anonymous said...

To xuper p:

Maybe you should also see an ob gyne because acne is sometimes a manifestation of an ovarian condition.

jassy said...

I'm giving you this link regarding real love...enjoy=)


Glenda said...

Hi Bianca, I hope you can answer my question din... anung code ba ang ginagamit mo para ma-prevent yung mga tao sa pag copy ng mga posts/pictures mo dito? Kailangan ko kasi yun eh! Thank you! Email it to: glendadr07@gmail.com

God Bless! Thank you ulit!

CloudyLove said...

Bianca, happy 6th anniversary to your blog. More power!

P.S. Can I repost this one? What I mean, 'yung mga questions na naisagot mo? Haha, just kidding! You're one of the best! Stay cool. :D

Mikey A said...

"people always say that time changes things, but in truth you actually have to change them yourself." - andy warhol

the.anonymous.me.jops said...

hi bianca!! iam SOOOO... in love with ur blogs as in to the highest level! u know what i really enjoy reading it,it was been suggested by my friend Joanne to read it.. the thoughts that runs into ur mind u say it into to your blog, -- sa sbrang love ko ang site mo.. at pakainget.. hehehe.. i create my onw blog site inspired by urs.. looking forward with your next blog post & with ur trip,photos & the famous tambling shoots! gbre.. God bless & more blessings!!

whitepaige said...

late na po ba ko?belated nlang nga po ..lol can i ask u ?kaw po ba tlga ang 220ng bianca?ask ko lng po sna wag mgalit..hiihih

Isko said...

Happy Blog Anniversary Mam Bianca,
Been a while since i blog... well it is really been awhile for me but when i saw your blog and started reading it I was "Na enganyo ulit na mag blog", you were one of those blogger that inspired me to blog again and to spread my sentiments or whatever here in the cyber world.

Anyways keep it up and may God bless you more and may your blog be forever be updated... he he he.. (medyo naging busy ka siguro kaya lately you seldom update).

Paki bati naman ako sa TFC Connect... he he he

Salamat po Mam

Anonymous said...

from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! i know a lot of people have said this, but you really do inspire me, from all aspects of life.

keep it up.
ily. :D

simplegal said...

Hi Biancs! I've always been a reader of your blog and I'm one of those Pinay youths who are glad that you took time to make this blog up and be able to share tidbits of your life. This is just sooo inspiring and a good read especially when you blog about traveling and your family life. Love the way you write too. :D

Just wanna congratulate on your blog anniversary! Keep on updating! Sorry if this post takes long but just also wanna say that I soooo LOVE this post. I really can't describe my excitement upon reading your answers to the different questions that has been asked. Di bale ng medyo naubos oras ko sa work coz of reading it but it's really worth it. Thanks biancs! You really made my day. Na-inspire tuloy ako to update my blog..hehe..Maybe I'll post something more on my blog about my thoughts on this post of yours. Pasensya na talaga if this takes time.hehe. I'll let you know if I have posted na..hope you'll be able to visit it..soon..Again, thank you and more power! Keep on blogging! ^_^

Khadijah said...

Aaw. I can't believe I wasn't able to ask any question. :(

But anyway, happy anniversary to you and your blog! Gosh. It's six years old. Sana 'yung blog ko din umabot nang ganito katagal. I'll do my best, inspirasyon kita. I've been a reader of your blog since 2005. At hanggang ngayon, I can't get enough of it. :D

Here's to another year of sunshine-y blog entries! Keep inspiring us!

P.S. I'm also a Muslim-Maranao from South and I feel for that girl, Teena, who asked you a question about stereotyping.

Anonymous said...

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Chelie said...

Hi Bianca :)

Happy 6th year anniversary to your blog. You know what? Nung nakita ko yung blog mo, naisipan ko din gumawa ng blog ko. I'm not a good writer pero na-inspire mo ko na subukan magsulat. Can you visit my blog site and check lang if I'm in the right track. :)

Here is the link http://detectivechelie.blogspot.com/2009/11/pipi.html


chelie-san said...

good advices :) happy anniv to your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

your blog entries are really fun, inspiring, everything. you let us, your readers, feel how you feel.

i love writing like you. and your blog inspires me. really. a lot.

i am not a bianca gonzales fan before but i am not an anti too. but now. i do believe that you are really SUPERBIANCA!
happy 6th anniversary and keep on writing. keep on inspiring us. keep on bringing hope and joy to others. :)

diane said...

i'm diane...just wanna hear or read rather your advice. hmm, actually right now our barkada is having this some sort of selosan issue. one of our barkada kasi has another group of friends whom we've known in our cheerdance team. and we're kind of uneasy about him being much closer to them. well our barkada's new friends are also our friends but we're getting jealus with them coz we're used to be always together. we think that our barkada is getting away or he's like liking to be with his new friends that be with us. hmm, should we confront him or just let him continue his act? hope u cud answer this one..haha...thanx much in advance...

Giselle said...

Hi ate Bianca! You're my idol when it comes to fashion and hosting...and i love kuya's Angels.

happy 6th anniversary to your blog. Keep on posting and keep on inspiring
other people's lives.

ps: i really love your full bangs hair!!!

VJ said...

I'm inviting Bianca and everyone to read my blog.


Hope you enjoy reading my posts and get inspired. :D

maxine said...

hi bianca..
i remember your pbb days..when you're brushing your teeth, non-stop eating and your super kwentos.. and now, you're one of the finest host in the industry..but whatever you do, you're just simply a WONDERFUL PERSON! hndi to bola ha..=)
you're only one of the few people i admired simply because you're also one of the few people who knows how to love this LIFE!
like you biancs, i really believe that every pieces of this life is worth living for!
hope you take time to read this! keep loving and blogging! =] =]

GODLOVER said...

hello bianca!hindi ako madalas dito usually pasilip-silip lang pero nung unang makita ko to i find it interesting na shineshare mo sa amin kung ano man ang naeexperience mo. Siya nga pala believe it or not, na-discover ko tong blog site mo nung naghahanap ako ng mga pics mo sa yahoo because i admit na me slight crush ako sa'yo haha. Anyway, balik tayo tungkol sa mga blogs mo, honestly makabuluhan talaga mga pinopost mo especially yung pagiging philantrophic mo esp sa mga kids. I support your campaign and pati na rin yung mga efforts mo for the past typhoons na tumama sa atin. I'm very inspired na makagawa ng something na makakatulong sa community and i think yun ang purpose ng life natin but sadly, hindi lahat ng tao narerealize yung mga roles nila sa society but the great news is that someone like you is doing something and hopefully, maging example ka sa maraming tao and start their own roles. Kaya I advice na ituloy mo lang iyong kawanggawa and i assure you, there's nothing wrong with what you're doing if you're intention is good. HAPPY 6th anniv nga pala sa blog mo and wishing you more wisdom para mas marami ka pang mashe-share sa amin.GOD bless to your career,life, and lovelife?hehe kung wala pa, wait patiently and he'll provide the perfect guy for you^_^



kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

congrats on SIX years! wow!


ivoncah said...

hi miss bianca thank you for being so nice to me last night.

eclipseexistence said...

you never fail to impress me. :)
happi 6 yrs! more years to come & more power!

i just want to share this to everyone. "Life is what happens while you are planning your life."

i just want you to know that your blog keeps me learning soo much on how to deal w/ life as it is. thank you! God bless you more!:D

irish said...

6 yrs and still counting... more power biancs... panalo ang words of wisdom. :)

iamdinahfe♥ said...

i love your blog... and happy 6th anniversary...

keep blogging, i'm watching uplate, ur so good, pretty and talented...

soar high superbianca!

God bless :D

The Plump Pinay said...

Hi Bianca! :) It's so cool that you're playing the role of an advice-giver. I think you're doing great! I hope you can check out our blog. We only wish it can be as big as yours. :)

KUDOS to your blog's 6th birthday! Many more years to come! :)

reina donna said...

nice post ms.bianca...
keep blogging! :)

emwellachristine said...

Bianca, you are so cool.
That's why I'm following your blog
unwittingly, you became a great inspiration to me.
I like reading your posts including your old posts starting in 2003. I can see what you are when you were younger.
i really admire you a lot.
I've done research on the internet about you. I realized how graceful you are and you have such a great family. You are so blessed. I've also watched you during your down moments. I can see why you don't have posts in 2006. That was really an overwhelming year. like you said mixed of emotions. everything you felt that year. And Ive watched you stand up again and moved on. That's so amazing bianca. You are right we are only human and we are allowed to make mistakes and life must go on. More power bianca. God bless. You are so beautiful inside and out.

kisapmata said...

happy 6th year anniv...so love your blog.. :D you really do inspire me.. malungkot d2 sa disyerto and it's good to read blogs like your superbianca..

yeah.. right often. :)

More power!

Anonymous said...

HI! Grabe! I super like reading your blogposts... so inspiring, so entertaining... kakawala ng stress. :)
God Bless Bianca.

Anonymous said...

I really love your post ate biancs..! stay pretty always... galing mo po mg host sana ako din! :/