30 September 2011

my eight winners for my super blog giveaway with a twist!

as promised, i personally read each of the more than one thousand entries one by one, approved it one by one, and was touched by every single one. THANK YOU.

you know how in contests the script usually requires the host to say, "i would hate to be the judge right now because everyone deserves to be called a winner," or something like that?! usually everybody can see who the obvious winner is, but for this one, it literally took weeks and weeks, too many cups of coffee, and so many migraines before i finally decided on my eight winners. very tedious work, but all worth it! THANK YOU.

your stories answering the giveaway twist, sharing why you chose this certain special person in your life to give the item to brought me to tears way too many times. your stories are so powerful. THANK YOU.

as promised, on this day, i shall reveal the names of the eight winners!

1. rea alducente, 22, product trainer from cebu

2. koleen branzuela, 23, student from general santos, @kxiaooo

3. eva cabanday, 22, student from abra, @iamevaprett

4. cristina danila, 32, data analyst from makati

5. roselle anire, 20, student from manila, @r0selle

6. archie balauag, 26, writer from quezon city, @archiemb

7. mary kaylene grecia, 17, student from rizal

8. madon padilla, 22, student from makati, @madypad


i will tease you a bit for now because i will only reveal the names, i won't reveal what their entries are yet, or which prizes they won. standby lang guys. :) sorry, i just finished work, its 4AM now, i'm getting up in a few hours for another long work day, so allow me to find time to write a longer post explaining what the winners posted, why they won, and what they won. soon, i promise! when my schedule allows!!!! :)

for now, rea, koleen, eva, cristina, roselle, archie, kaylene, madon, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

and again, to everyone else that posted, read, retweeted, lurked, liked, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR BEING PART OF EIGHT WONDERFUL, COLORFUL YEARS OF BLOGGING.

details of who, what, where, when, why, how they won.. abangan! :p


Ann said...

Congrats to the winners yey! ^^
U've just made 8 people extra happy Today Ms. bianca.=)
Happy anniversary again, more power! mwah!

archiemb said...

Thank you Ms. Bianca for this wonderful gift. My Ate Lanie or little bro Nelson would be so delighted to hear about this. I was not really expecting to win because there are like tons of entry which I've also read and some are really moving and I feel like they're all deserving. Going back to what I've submitted,it still touches my heart knowing that I've won something out of what I've experience with them and someday, as I mentioned - I am hoping from the bottom of my heart that I could really give it back to them BIG TIME.

Maraming Salamat and Please keep on inspiring people like me that we may live to see the day that maybe, someday - everything will be in order and its right place.


Dhoreen said...

to the winners.. congratulations to all of you. you won't be winners if you didn't touch Ms. B's heart. :) Congrats!!!

and Ms. B, thank you for being an inspiration to all of us. Keep inspiring us, and may the Lord above Bless you always. :)

melai said...


i didnt see my entry in the comments section i might not have submitted it. but here's the link anyway, for you ate Bianx! -> http://coffeebreakx.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/an-entry-to-the-contest-of-a-supergirl/

Congratulations to all the winners! :)

Sam T. said...

Grats to the winners! :-)

Shereena said...

Congrats to all winners! can't wait to read about your entries. :)

knowin'me said...

Yay!Congratulations to all the winners!!!Keep on inspiring people Bianca...:))

dianneregina said...

woot woot! a big congratulations to all! :)

Kris Ablan said...

May be you can post their photos when they claim and use their prize! That would be awesome. Parang nanalo na rin kami pag nakita namin masaya yung mga winners!

Congrats to the eight!

Sofia said...

CONGRATS to the 8 winners! :)
You guys should thank God for His plan on this, thru Miss Bianca, herself, as instrument of this blessing.

though hindi ako nanalo, I know, somehow, these people out there deserves it more than I am. :)


One day, gusto kong maging katulad mo Ate Bianca. Helping those who are in need. Hindi dahil mayaman o may kaya ang mga katulad natin, pero dahil.. gusto rin nating ibahagi kung ano at hanggang saan ang ating makakayang ibigay.
From the bottom of my happy heart, YOU ROCK, ALWAYS! :)

God Bless us all! :)

GENE-use said...

Wow! Thanks so much Super Bianca!! I'm super touched to be one of the winners. And teary-eyed when my friend texted me that I won (so I immediately went home to check the net). This will really be a perfect gift for either my husband or my mom. It seemed surreal that out of how many entries, my entry was chosen. Very heartwarming. Again, thank you so much! :)

--by the way, i have the same email address but i changed my twitter id to realovealreiko..

much love,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! to all the winners and also to us who joined =)

Ms.Bianca continue inspiring people!


andrea said...

receiving a thank you message from you meant so much. it was a happy moment. i could imagine how these eight lucky guys/gals must be feeling! ^^,) you make people happy more than you think and you are loved by so many! people like you make the world a better place (not kidding) :) you inspire people to live.love.enjoy life, dream, & work hard. you put a smile on people's faces!

thank you for giving us the chance to express ourselves and tell you our story of hope&inspiration -- all by your good influence!

please continue to be an inspiration! thank you! thank you! :)

kath said...

Congratulations to all the winners! and Thank you Ms. Bianca for the birthday greeting hahaha :-) Hope to have a photo of you someday.

dewlzmyth said...

congratulations to all winners!!! :)

mokzjm said...

congratulations winners!!!!:-)<3
same goes to all who join...and thank you Ms Bianca :-)<3

kayelaloo said...

ATE BIANCA!! I'm so thankful! Really! I love you from the bottom of my heart!! <3 <3 <3
I'll keep this a secret, because I would like to surprise my Mom for the BIGGG NEWS! Hahaha. It'll be the late gift for her, and for sure she will be AMAZED because it's coming from youuuu! :-)
Whoooo! Saying Thankyou is not enough, because receiving a mail from you was a gift already. Thankyou again! Hehe.
And Congratulations to the other 7 winners. We're really blessed, our wishes are granted. And I know Ate Bianca too, was so blessed by God.
To God be the glory!


marycheri said...

congrats to the Super 8! you deserve it! enjoy your prizes! :D

iamveeh said...

congratulations! so sad hindi ako nakasali. :( late na nalaman ko na may give away si miss bianca. anyway, GODBLESS! :))

@shekinaharielle said...

Congrats to all the winners! And to ms. Bianca for making other people happy! :) its so nice how you unknowingly influence us, your readers. Most of the time, the comments of people here in your blog is always on a positive tone. Thats what you are po kasi, very positive ang outlook towards life. I may not win but as you said you read all the comments, meaning you were able to read mine. Thankyou and keep on inspiring people like me who admire you a lot, more power and godbless! :)

sherah said...

email: sherah_tonido@yahoo.com.ph

hi bianca,

i would like first to congratulate all the winners, you guys are all so lucky, and I envy you. hahaha.. tatanggalin ko na ang hiya ko but since the day I have read all your posts in your blog I have been looking for the book of angelina jolie 'notes from my travels' here in tacloban but I haven't found any. if this would be ok with you I would like to ask the book. (haha- kapal)but if it is not, that's very fine with me. but if it is, pls send it with your autograph. (humirit pa-kapal talaga)

good luck to you and God bless!

Joana said...

Hi Bianca! You are such an inspiration! I am planning to do blog giveaways, just like what you did, this coming Christmas, as a way of giving something back. any tips? Thanks!