02 October 2011

i'm so proud to be blue-blooded! go ateneo! one big fight!


nixxen said...

Hi Bianca, Congratulations to Ateneo's victory. Blue blooded din ako kaya lang naging green when I went to college. Hehe Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the strength and drive you given me with you posts. Your positivity is very encouraging. And how you put got as center of your inspiring posts... nakakaamaze. I am at my lowest today, and habang nasa trabaho ako, I thought of reading your old posts when I get home. Just to see some happy light. It worked. I am miles away from home and nakakalunod pala minsan ang sadness. Pero hinding hindi ako bibitaw. Every glitch in life gives us more strength and God has His wonderful ways to work in our lives. I have been a reader of your blog but I never left a single comment, today I had to. Thank you for making life seem so beautiful. In fact it is. Eto ako ngayon, naghahanap ng hobby. Malapit na kasi magwinter dito. Ano kaya magandang gawin? :) Sorry my comment has gone far too long when all I wanted was to say Thank you and may God bless you more. :)

myka-tok said...

I saw you on TV with JC Intal. You guys loo together. Are you going to the bonfire? :)