02 January 2012

for quite some time now, i've been doing my own little list of the people who made the biggest impact on my life every end of the year. different publications may have their own list of people who "made the year what it was", but at the end of the day, in life, whether they may be celebrities, heroes, or ordinary folks, its the different people who influenced and moved us that really matter in our lives.

meet the people of my year for 2011.

roco elias pamintuan gonzalez.

the joy that a baby brings to the family is like no other! for this whole year, roco has been my wallpaper on every gadget i have, the content of my stories for all my friends, the topic of discussion within our whole family, and my happy thought. :) and just last december 30, roco's baby sister, sabine ysabella, was born. my brother jc and sister-in-law tracy have done an amazing job with roco, and now, sabine. we now have two angels in our family!

anna clarissa gonzalez.

my sister has made it to this list every single time. my family actually always makes it to this list (as it would yours too, i believe) but my sister has some major life event every year that makes me admire her strong character even more. this year, all the way in london, she went from fear of not being able to enrol or work and heartbroken, to top student and employee and heartthrob! good things happen to good people. my awesome sister is proof of that.

marion espano h. del pilar.

marion has been one of my best friends since our high school days in de la salle zobel. i can honestly say she is one of the people who knows me the most. we sadly don't see each other as often as we used to, but she is still one of those who keeps me grounded. just this year she decided to quit her job to pursue her own business and start her own family. her fearlessness is one of the things i look up to the most and i hope to be more like her this year.

angela alarcon.

ange has been my friend for around five years now. she used to be the girlfriend of my kabarkada but became close to us, so despite the break up, she remained a part of our group. ange is crazy, fun, funny, and at the same time, passionate, hardworking, and driven. she may not know it but she is a huge influence on me, reminding me that its good to be crazy and be emotional once in a while. it keeps us human and keeps us sane. life would be so boring without ange.

millet mananquil.

i have a lot to thank tita millet for in the quest of finding my "purpose in life". she is my editor for the philippine star, and thanks to her wonderful daughter rissa for referring me, i became one of their columnists. tita millet pushes and pressures, but encourages and supports. being a published writer is one of the biggest blessings of 2011, and because of tita millet, i discovered that i am on this earth to tell stories and hopefully inspire others.

my meg team.

another huge blessing that 2011 brought to my life is my being editor-at-large of meg magazine. i have creative director and good friend suki salvador to thank for believing in me and taking me out of my comfort zone. the girls i work with, ning, klara, grace, zanti, la, lea, ekai all have their own winning traits that i constantly learn from. their ideas, optimism, and zest for life remind me of the simple, happy things in life. they give me so much hope.

my workmates.

this year was the year i proved to myself that if you work hard and that if you love what you do and the people you work with, they will all love you back. both my reality unit and talk unit families have been part of my life for over five years now and it just feels so good to know that hard work with love really pays off. so much of what i know and who i am is because of my work and i just feel so blessed everyday to be doing what i do, with people i love.

senator pia cayetano.

ate pia has been an ate to me for six years now and what i love about her is how her life itself is an example to others. every single time i get to talk to ate pia, i am inspired to do something and make a move on some dream of mine. she proves again and again that we can achieve what we want if we put our heart into it. more than her impressive resume, it is her being such a caring and concerned mother and ate that makes her shine so bright.

john christopher intal.

i've never put a boyfriend on this list before (even if i wanted to).. i guess i feel its "understood" that a significant other is a major force in one's life, plus i am such a private person when it comes to personal matters. i really thought about this well, and i am including jc because i want to share how in awe i am of his good heartedness. he is so thoughtful to me that i become more thoughtful as well. i honestly wish more people would be like him.. as kind and giving and caring.

ofel malasmas gonzalez.

my mom, of course. 2011 was also the year i realized that when mothers say "hay naku, when you grow older, you will remember 'my mother said this, i should've listened'" it is really true. its in the little things, that make a big impact on life as we grow older. i will never get tired of saying that who i am as a person now, i owe to my mom, and my dad, for bringing me up the way they did. i hope to live up to those values and forever make my family proud.

thank you to these ten people for being such a blessing in my life.

who are the people of your year?
i'm sure they would love to be surprised with the thought of their making an impact on your life.
go for it, make your list.
and tell them thank you. :)


Anonymous said...

hi bianca! i don't have a blog but i often visit yours. i've been looking forward to every post you have here and whenever i see none, i get sad haha corny pero totoo. natutuwa ako sa humility mo. coming from a rich family then being famous and rich yourself, diba ang hirap to keep yourself grounded. tapos matalino ka pa! imagine being an atenean?! grabe. dream school ko ateneo pero hindi ako nakapasa sa entrance exam nila kasi sobrang hirap. :( i just want to let you know na nainspire mo ako. may mga perspectives in life ako na naimpluwensyahan mo :) God bless you! sana you update your blog more often and get a little more personal. wala lang. cause i feel na parang katulad ka lang namin, ordinaryong tao. :) keep yourself grounded cause in that, you inspire many. :)

kristina noelle said...

Cheers to your people of 2011. Roco is so cute and I'm so excited to see pictures of Sabine. :)
This maybe a shameless post but I'm taking my chances, haha! My 2011 is unforgettable because of you too.
meeting you last fashion week is one of the highlight of my 2011.. and my life, http://landofwhatmighthavebeens.blogspot.com/2011/12/my-life-in-2011.html :)

You will always be my inspiration Ms. B. :)

Maggie said...

Nice post! I was€ inspired. This even make me realize I have to make like this one. Thank you for the idea. =)

Duhhyan Obido said...

ang sweet naman! :) listing the people that made your 2011 awesome. :DD Actually,hindi po ako fanatic ng mga listing-listing na ganito pero dahil po sa blog nyo I am encouraged. ^^ Maraming Salamat Miss Bianca! :) happy 2012!!

Abz Barrera said...

Hi Bianca! I've been following your blog for quite some time now and by reading it, you inspired me to create my own blog. Your posts are really inspiring and shows who you really are. you are beautiful inside and out. At dahil jan mas lalo kitang naging idol! Continue to inspire many with your stories and thoughts. Thank you! Cheers to 2012! =)

tintin_adante said...

i really enjoyed reading all your posts!actually your the reason why i am into blogging now.i know mine was a "baby" compared to yours and as for followers,mine was nothing.but like you,i kept on just writing stuffs (actually i really got inspired by your blogsite,i even have your tumblr account check every once in a while) on really what i have in mind and i what i want to share.

i just want to say THANK YOU for being such an inspiration, and if i were to have my TEN PEOPLE OF MY YEAR...you surely have a spot there!

zhielle said...

nakakKLIG kau n JC....im a die hard fan of ginebra...sn kau n tlg...

chinoBrooke said...

hi bianca! i just want you to know that this post is one of the things i look forward to when a new year starts. since 2008 i made my own list after reading urs. except for 2010.. i was idk, lost and lazy and such a procrastinator. i told myself that im not gonna let the 1st week pass without doing this. and then i saw ur post. yay! uve been such a great inspiration to me.. i just want to share to u my list.. :)


Happy New Year Bianca! <3

gleeenn said...

nevermind, i got it!

yay, for family and loved ones :)

Ekai said...

I am beyond grateful that i can see my big face in this post. Hahaha! I'm so lucky to be working with you because you are the person i look up to the most :) you have such a big heart and keep on inspiring people!

Jing said...

Hi Bianca, happy new year! I am a fan and follower. I have been a constant reader of your blog since I found it about 2 years ago. You have been an inspiration to your readers. :) I especially like this post and the one prior to this. You have a good heart.

Jamailah Macabanding said...

i always look forward for this list of yours. i don't have much time to create mine but if i could, i would have included you. every post in your blog is truly inspiring. :) looking forward to your next post. :)

TheIntern:-) said...

You and Ms. Ange are definitely on my list :-)

karisna khate sesante said...

Hi! Your blog inspired me to do the same, here is mine=)
Actually kulang pa yan, I think I am going to do another set!=)If you have time to read it here it is=)


Moira said...

I really admire you Bianca, you have close to perfect life. You are so blessed! Keep inspiring people especially the youth. You and JC are sooo bagay! Promise, looks and character wise, match made in heaven! Your babies will be so good looking as well, I bet! Have a Happy 2012!

Justinne Go said...

Hello! I've always admired your beauty and character since I read an article about you on Candy when I was younger. And I do still read whatever article I find about you. You are definitely an inspiration to young girls. I look up to women like you who are independent, strong, intelligent, humble and especially has a big heart. Keep posting! God bless you! Happy new year! :)

Babe For Food - your BFF in Cebu dining!

Anonymous said...

so inspired ako idol...!your the best writer...i want to be like you, but i guess i cannot be as a what you are now... yuor just like a big professional writer♥
keep it up!
dun ako kinilig ky kuya jc...bagay talaga kau...you both thougthful and sincere♥

Sey said...

I so admire you. I love you! I do for over 5 years now, and if I have to make my own list, you surely will be part of it =)

Anonymous said...

nice blog entry Bianca! you're such a great blogger talaga! your words are so inspring. by the way, im just curious..how bout Mariel & Toni? are they not part of your 2011?

Airina April said...

I am inspired :D I'll make my own list too

rizza tan panican said...

roco is sooo cute. you and jc really look good. <3

_jaded_ said...

happy new yr ms. bianca! you really are an inspiration..May God bless you more! :)

Margo said...

I did my own list too because of you :) only 5 people though, and 1 of them is you haha. I don't get to meet a lot of people unlike you eh but I'm proud of my list :)

Anonymous said...

Your sister looks like Pippa Middleton on that picture.

thekagayanon said...

I nominated you with The Versatile Blogger Award. Kindly click this link http://thekagayanon.wordpress.com/2012/01/06/the-versatile-blogger-award/ to check for instructions. Congrats!

Nicole said...

Hi Ms. Bianca! I have a blog giveaway contest and Im recruiting people to join. It's for fun purposes only and I just want to share it with other people. its niciville.blogspot.com . hope you can help me spreading it :)

Noelle said...

Hello Bianca,

After seeing this, I feel more knowledgeable about our grandfather's side of the family. I found out pretty recently that you and I are first cousins. My grandmother gave birth to two children, Dominador Malasmas Jr. and Maria Christina Bondad Malasmas. I'm happy to know that you and your family have done well. Ours too. My siblings and I (your cousins) have a life on the east coast of the US. Just so that you know, I'm not looking for anything, other than to just connect with an almost forgotten past of my mother, grandfather, etc. I've written to you also through Twitter. And I wish I could prove to you by showing you a picture of our grandfather. But all I have is a picture of my uncle who is said to look exactly like him.

here is a link to his picture:

My name is Noelle Legaspi. I'm available on facebook if you are interesting is knowing more about your blood relatives. I know I am. I just finished a family tree and I often wondered how many other siblings my mom has, how many cousins I have, who they are (mainly so that if I marry a Filipino, hopefully that guy and I won't be blood related! hehehe).

I wish you continue to be well.


MyStyLeumilM. said...

I was really inspired by your blog miss b. keep it up...im always a fan of you.. god bless u more :D

MyStyLeumilM. said...


sarahcerin said...

Ms. Bianca, before 2011 ends, i had a chance to read your blog. Maybe it's around last week of December, not really sure though. And I was so amazed about everything you've got. Your adventures, your trips, experiences, etc. I'm not a fan of yours before, but when I also saw your post about Sendong, I didn't remember you as BIANCA_host of PBB, but a simple person with a good heart. I hope you can be a part of my 2012. :D Godbless to you! And more power! :D

dianne said...

You too have always been a big part of my every year. I wanna thank you for that, I guess thank you will never enough on how much you inspire me with your blogs. How much you made me realize that you should go for your dream.
Continue inspiring other people. Everyone needs someone like you. :)

One more, I wish you and jc intal to last forever. Kakilig kayo. :)

charmiegrace said...

this is such a great idea! im inspired to make one like this. thanks biancs!Ü

The little kid said...

You inspire me in so many ways. I've looked up to you ever since I was in highschool and this is the first time that I really took time to write here cos I'm a little shy that you might ignore this, haha. Jk. But seriously, I really admire you in so many ways and you are the first person who inspired me to put up a blog.

Medyo shy pa ko ne'to cos this is the first time everrrr na nag-comment ako sa isang artista, haha. A little scared that baka dimo mapansin. But anyway,di ba yun importante! :) I have always wanted to tell you that you inspire me a lot. Glad I am able na to comment!! I love u!


JES said...

inspiring.. you're one of the reasons why i love blogging.. I always admire your sense of writing.. truly brilliant.. keep posting!