15 January 2012

welcome to the world sabine ysabella pamintuan gonzalez!!!! ♥

december 30, 2011, another gonzalez was born into the world.

little sister to our first darling godson roco, sabine has her own face! she has the same face shape and nose as roco, but her eyes are so chinky! just like her beautiful mom tracy!

welcome to the world, sabine! i cannot wait to meet you! you are already a light in our lives and i pray you grow up to become a beautiful lady inside and out. with your dad, mom, and roco with you, i'm sure you will. :)


jayryan09 said...

cute baby...:))

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koboi said...

cute. welcome to the world Sabine.

lifeanditswhatnots said...

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ireneleona said...

cute! congrats daddy jc and mommy tracy! :)

Zyra said...

Miss bianca,
can i feature you on my blog po?
para mafeature ko po ung editor/writer/blogger/host/endorser po na ikaw

i have this project, "45 inspiring people under 45" ok lang po kaya iyon? pero kung okie lang din po dadalaw ako sa haus/sa office/sa dressing room nyo, para mukhang ganito po... http://adodcespresso.com/2012/01/18/lester-bambico/

heee thank you at God bless po :)


Anna Palaspas said...

She looks like angel :"> How adorbs!! :)

ANNA of Petite Chiq (The Blog)

Tricia Ann Riofrio said...

Hi Ms. Bianca, I'm Tricia Riofrio 4th year Marketing student at San Beda College. We will be having a seminar about social media on February 22, 2012, and we would like to invite you to be one of our speakers.

Would it be alright if we ask for you email address, so we could send you the info about the event.
Thank you! God Bless!

Nanette Demaosa said...

congratulations!!! i admired you as a good tv host but you are great at writing.

Nanette Demaosa said...

congratulations!! i admired you as a TV host but you are also great at writing.

^_^ wReY and R0bbY said...

Welcome to the world adorable Sabine! ^_^

hi Bianca! sa wakas nakita ko rin po yung blog niyo. I just knew last month that you've been blogging for 8 yrs already! That's amazing! I's always nice to know fellow Filipino bloggers. Just fanned you thru GFC.
Please hop over our blog and we're hoping that you will follow us back...


Thank you! ٩(●_•)۶

Renel said...

Hi Ms. Bianca, would you believe that I actually started reading your blog starting from your very first post? Thank you for inspiring me to write again and face whatever's coming my way. There are times I wanted to give up but remembering all the things you've written here gives me hope. I'm so thankful I stumbled upon your blog. You have no idea how much impact your posts created in me. :)

Anonymous said...

hi bianca, congrats.

from mr837.blogspot.com and acorsame.blogspot.com

ralph said...

i bet her parents are very proud of her... and proud of themselves for having such adorable daughter. mukha ring masaya si tita (i assume)... Yahweh bless.

Anonymous said...

i hope you blog again soon, i miss your words (inspiring or not)! :)

Anonymous said...

has bianca stopped blogging because of UKG? :)

Anonymous said...

hi bianca, i've been trying to get in contact with you but it seems like commenting on your blog will be my only way, i've been reading your blog for so long now and believe it or not you've been such an inspiration ( though i know that you get this a lot):) But really, you are! You've been nfluencing my decisions in life so i hope you'll post soon.haha. anyways i'm making handmade lace jewelry and i wanted to give you some. I mean, not to advertise it or anything business coordinated but you're just, special. So please let me give you some. You can check the designs at geraonline.multiply.com then you can maybe email me at geraonline@yahoo.com. Please let me send some to you :) Ayra

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca,

I just started to read your blog and wanted to ask you for some advice.

Would it be okay if you posted your email address so I can send you my questions?

Anonymous said...

Bianca, please come back na :< we miss you :<

Momma Mina! said...

She's so adorable. Cutee! ^_^

eamaryl_09 said...

we have the same date of birth :)

Anonymous said...

I came along from twitter, I'm not a stalker but I want you to know you are gorgeous and utterly beautiful!