30 September 2012

#iPHLgood, i feel good!

It all started when one day, I was pleasantly (and overwhelmingly) surprised to receive a direct message on Twitter from THE maria ressa.

She asked me if I was interested to speak at the Social Good Summit, an event organized by Rappler and in partnership with Mashable, and I almost fell off my chair while reading her message! Of course I would!

On a high, I counted down the days to the big day. The pressure was mounting. I give a LOT of talks for different schools and organizations and events, but this event was different. It was a huge event to be held at AIM. Other speakers include DOT Secretary Mon Jimenez, Presidential spokesperson Ricky Carandang, lawyer and Mr. "I was not informed" Christopher Lao, and Maria herself! I had to step up my game!

Thank you to the Twitter user who made this collage! Please message me so I can credit you!
(I think I should've put a bit of make up on, like more lipstick perhaps? Haha.)

I went through a few concepts before I finally decided on what my talk should be about. I didn't wanna give statistics and studies because obviously that is not my forte and it is never good to talk about something you don't know. I could not talk about the "effect" of social media on society because I am not an expert on the matter and I don't want to sound like a know-it-all, because I do NOT know it all. So what did I know? Well, I've been on twitter for around three years, have had my fair share of bashers, a good amount of followers, and to a certain extent, knew the behavior of people on social media. So I decided to base my talk on that!

With all the talks I give, I don't use any powerpoint or keynote presentation. I just talk. "Laway lang ang puhunan," ika nga. But for an event this big, I couldn't just talk and chika my way out of it! I had to look professional! Enter my fabulous friend, Chief Mermaid of Save Philippine Seas, and Keynote expert, Anna Oposa.

Anna helped me make my simple (but I think awesome) visuals for my talk! Thank you Annaaaaaa!!!!

So putting together my ideas and my personality, I decided to give a talk on 
"Ten Twitter Rules I Try To Follow (And You Can, Too)"!

And thanks to Rappler, the full video of my talk can be viewed here:

These are just a few of my thoughts, and I don't expect everyone to agree with them, but like I said, these are rules i TRY to follow precisely because I am guilty of some of them. (Especially #10).

You can post your own Twitter rules too! That's the beauty of social media, you can so easily make your voice be heard too. Now let's make that voice count, in a good way, shall we?


kristine said...

Hi Bianca! As I've said to you on twitter, you have this exceptional way (Bianca's magic) of touching people's lives and inspiring. I should know because even though I only got to know you through tv shows, magazines, twitter and your blog, you have inspired me so much. You're one of the reasons why I started blogging. You were one the first celebrities I followed on twitter because you are worth following. I totally admire your desire to make difference through little and simple things. I know I said this already on twitter but I will say it again, I will always look up to you as a celebrity, tv host, writer/blogger and as the person you are that I got to know through social media.

Meikah YbaƱez-Delid said...

I'm a follower and a fan, actually. :) Where's the video? It is not on your page today.

Traveliztera said...

Bianca, you are forever an inspiration! =)



ang galing nmn

Joice said...

You have always been such an inspiration. I adore you so much. Thank you for the 10 simple rules on twitter! Such a great talk.

sheba said...

Dear Ms. Bianca,

I would like to ask for some of your precious 5 minutes for this letter.
First of all, I am not a basher. :)
And second of all, I am one of the many people whom you influence.

Let me introduce myself.
I am Sheba Duque, 24, a member of a service oriented organization called the UP Omega Alpha Alumni Association, Inc. Yes, it is linked to the fraternity and sorority when I was still in college. I joined the UP Omega Alpha Sorority (UPOAS) back then because I believe in the principles of the organization and I wanted to prove to the world that not all Greek organizations are bad. Eventually, in this organization, I learned how to appreciate and love rendering service to others. This passion continues even until graduation.

Just recently, the alumni association was formed and registered in the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). The alumni association has already started spreading the flame of volunteerism to people and serving especially those who are in need. I just felt that the organization has a lot more to give if only we have more resources. We can start one step at a time. But I wanted to take this opportunity (thank you to social networks!) to go big. I wanted to tap big companies and known people, whom I know has the heart for this advocacy. I know that with this leap of faith, the organization can also help and reach a lot more.

The UP Omega Alpha Fraternity and UP Omega Alpha Sorority has been a 2011 National Finalist for the Ten Accomplished Youth Organization. Also, it has become Hall of Famer of UP Mindanao’s Most Outstanding Organization for 10 years (first in the entire UP system, if I’m not mistaken), and Coke Barkadahan Awardee of the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines.

Some of our (UPOAF and UPOAS) activities include the pencil drive wherein we ask for pencil donations after Civil Service Examinations and UPCAT, conducts Annual Inter High School Spelling Competition wherein the registration fees are collected in the form of book donations, conducts livelihood seminars to unemployed housewives, etc. Also, we are in constant partnership with the Kinaiyahan Foundation for some community services.

It all boils down to:
After introducing the organization, I just wanted to solicit suggestions or help (in whatever ways) for the organization to reach more of those who are in need. If you have any suggestions on how to go BIG for this, I would really appreciate it.  You once tweeted, “Nobody said it’s easy, but nobody said you have to do it alone.”

Also, please open this link to view some of our endeavors:

Thank you very much for the time.
I know that you are really busy, and thus, I really appreciate you reading this.

Service for the People and Country.


P.S. Thank you for being such a good influence, especially to the youth. God Bless you more!

Anonymous said...

hi bianca, i can't seem to get in contact with you through the email that you used before, I'm the one who commented on one of your blog posts regarding some handmade jewelry that I wanted to send you. geraonline@yahoo.com
sorry I had to do this through commenting on your blog again, just can't find any other ways :)

Anonymous said...

This reader does not own a twitter account since privacy is paramount to me. However, it is great to set some rules re: this new way of "non-personal/anonymous" form of communication. It is important to note that with freedom (of speech) comes with accountability and responsibility. Courtesy/sensitivity/consideration/good manners/decency should be maintained while engaging/reaching out to each other using this type of social medium. Civilized behavior should be the rule rather than exception. Bashing in any form should not be acceptable as opposed to constructive criticisms. Great to see that a visible celebrity like you chose to address the importance of setting boundaries in this new form of modern communication for its users. Kudos to you and continue setting high standards for tweeter users.

traidora dotnet said...


I was scanning your blog and stopped when I saw Madame Maria Ressa :) One of my idols. Where is she working now?

Anonymous said...

This reader is hoping that you write more socially relevant entries in your blog by adding your own personal observations in your personal travels, etc. to act as the voice of your generation in influencing social/value change to "seep through" in the culture's consciousness especially society's youth. As they say, never underestimate the power of the media/celebrity. Perhaps, a collaboration with another visible celebrity, KC Concepcion, whose powerfully social relevant global (UN's WFP, Virlane, and Chameleon) advocacies are commendable and whose "spunk"/bravery in going against type/public perception of her in a society where "mass/group" thinking is quite prevalent, merits admiration. Challenging the youth to be proactive and "stretch" its participation in socially relevant issues in a more intelligent/meaningful way and channeling its energies to socially relevant platforms are what the country badly needs. Keeping our happy nature is great. However, too much emphasis/exposure on "material pursuits"/fashion trends among the Philippine youth cannot harness the prospects/potentials of youth's vitality. Hopefully, with the power of collaboration of great celebrities like you and Ms. Concepcion you can begin the process of helping shape the direction of Philippine youth's interest and participation. For a great country like the Philippines can be greater by developing its citizenry's more proactive global skills and tools to be seriously considered/respected in the world arena. Effective systems (like that of the US and other civilized should be in place to promote the country's lagging social/physical/cultural infrastructures especially during calamities, etc. A nation's government could only be effective with the consistent, disciplined/proactive participation of its citizenry. And the one important thing the Philippine needs to work on: eliminating the wasteful use of the Filipinos intelligent minds: crab mentality; instead let's replace it with COLLABORATIVE EFFORT to make the Philippines greater. Let's add to the phrase "It's more fun in the Philippines" with "We can make the Philippines greater". High time we should be taken seriously/respected more for our talents/abilities/contribution in the global arena by starting the change within.

Anonymous said...

This reader is an outsider who does not own a twitter account nor any type of social medium account, who has lived more than half of one's life overseas but who recently has a reawakened interest in the Philippines, the country of my birth. Have been reading your tweets recently and am glad you are taking a stand on violence against women and using your visible celebrity status to lend your own voice to highlight this problem. Having been born and having spent my early twenties in the Philippines, where the misplaced value of Asian "feminine reticence" is considered "ladylike", I find your proactive assertiveness a breath of fresh air. As a mother to two young ladies, who have always encouraged them to nurture their strength and independence, I encourage and advocate collaboration on issues pertaining to women. Hats off to you and another young lady, KC Concepcion for standing up to your beliefs. Hopefully you two could collaborate and perhaps, come up with a show that will deal with women's issues. High time Filipino women can learn to be more proactive by dealing with problem of women in abusive relationships head on.

Allan Serna Diaz said...

you inspire me and alot of people. keep it up Ms. B!