27 October 2012

the gift of sharing.

I was writing my editor's note for the December issue of our magazine the other day and it was all about the power of sharing. You know how when you give someone a gift you know they really, really like, and it makes them so happy? And seeing that look on their face makes you even happier because you know you were able to make someone happy?

I hardly ever write about work here on my blog but for this I make an exception because I just want to share the good news about this project that's just so full of positivity!

Have you ever gotten those texts from Globe saying you have so-and-so number of points earned? I used to just delete those texts not knowing that I could redeem a "reward" for it. I could've gotten shopping gift certificates, Petron gas coupons, USBs, watches, even cellphones!

But this Christmas is different because our friends from Globe decided to have all these items at 50% off! You only need half the points to claim the reward. Plus, there is now an option to reward our loved ones with these gifts. Meaning we need not claim the gift for ourselves, we can surprise our family, friends, workmates, or special someone with a gift using our points! I asked around on Twitter and apparently so many other people have already made their loved ones happy!

I made this little cheat sheet for all you need to know about this promo to share with you. (I was told its only until October 31!)

If you won't do it to use the points you already have and earned, or if you won't use it to get a gift or give a gift, maybe you might want to use it for this reason: For the gifts you redeem, Globe is giving P1M to UNICEF Philippines on your behalf. 

See why I couldn't NOT share the positive news? :)

Gifts that "keep on giving" are the best kind of gifts.
An early merry Christmas to all of you!


Bonita Jumao as said...

Hi Ms B.

how are you? :)

i dont know where to write from one of your post coz this may be not related.

actually i just want to ask your advice on how to improve my blog site.

your one of the blogger's i follow and i idolize. so for me your one of the best person to ask advices re: blogging.

i tried to apply some ads to be put in my site like google adsense and others. but i was rejected due to my blog site is not contenting unique post and does not have enough link popularity (that's the exact word they replied to me).

well my first reaction after reading the rejected mail - i feel so bad and i feel so pity to my self and feel like i'm stupid enough to try and believe my blog is good.

then after few days i realize i should find ways how to improve my blog and take the rejection in a positive way in order for me to achieve a good blogger.

so i think where i can get advices. and it's you, Ms Nicole Andersson and saab magalona came out to my mind.

hope you can give some few points on how to write a good story and how to improve my site.

your advice is very important to me.

thank you!!!

Wendi Garcia said...

Hi Bianca!

I'm Wendi Garcia of Artists for Nature (www.artistsfornature.org). Our group does art exhibit fundraisers for various eco orgs.

On January 19, 2013, we'll be having an art and music fest fundraiser for Save Philippine Seas' Pawikan Watchers. "EndDanger" which is a call to end the threats that endanger Philippine animal species, will be shown at the Conspiracy Garden Cafe in Quezon City. The art exhibit will run up to February 8, 2013.

We are hoping you could feature our poster and press release on your blog/website. Having "EndDanger" featured in a top-rated blog with a good following like yours will definitely be a huge help for our event, not only for raising funds for the project but also for spreading the word about the need to protect the environment. If you agree, I'll send the poster and PR on or before Nov 29.

As thank you, we'll mention and link back your blog in our website and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/artistsfornature). Of course, it would also be nice if you could attend the event.

We really hope to hear from you. Thanks and have a great day.


juanderkid said...

Hi, Bianca! This is quite a long post but I hope you find time to read it. A photograph of your three bracelets that have the words Dream Love Travel (which I came across while reading your blog last year) helped change my life. Thank you! :)

I've been trying to find the same bracelets in HK, but I have no luck so far. Can you also please tell me where I can find one? Salamat!

Allan Serna Diaz said...

keep it up Ms. B! love lots

Joyce Lamela said...

Hi Bianca!

I always read your blog, it is so inspiring.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and everything about life and your opinion.

Anonymous said...

I love you Ms. Bianca !! Seems you don't write on your blog na.. Anyway, take care because I love you... ((: stay pretty.

Joyce said...

Hi Bianca!

This is great but unfortunately I am not a globe subscriber.

Hope you can blog walk also in my several sites. Thank you and Happy New Year!