07 June 2013

Discoveries are everywhere.

When was the last time you went out to discover new things? 

I love to travel. And I love that those who follow me here on my blog or on twitter love traveling and discovering new things too! A lot of your comments involve questions on where to go and what to do, especially when you don't really have time. You need not look far or spend much. Seriously. Here are three things to think about.

1. Identify your free time 

Do you work a 9 to 5 job and have weekends free?
Are you a freelancer who owns your time?
Are you so busy and only have a few hours every evening?

Remember, free time is free time and its your choice if you want to spend it locked in your room, or use it to seize the moment and learn new things.

2. What are you in the mood for?

Are you a beach and nature type of person or more the city and shopping kind? Are you into food trips or are you an adventure junkie? Or maybe you just want to chill and relax?

For those who are free during weekends, an out of town trip is easy for you! One of my favorites is a road trip to Tagaytay to eat in Sonya's Garden and other country style restaurants, or even just pick up fresh fruit or flowers, or even just breathe in fresh air! Another favorite is a weekend getaway to Boracay or Cebu.

For those who freelance and can fix their own schedules, it shouldn't be a problem for you because you can actually avoid crowds and schedule your trips on off peak dates and hours, when rates are cheaper.

Do you have just a few hours? Within the city there are so many places you haven't seen or things you haven't experienced I'm sure! One place on my list that is so near is the Mind Museum in BGC. For foodies, I recommend the Kapitolyo area in Pasig! Check out Mad Marks (awesome homemade ice cream), Milky N Sunny (the tapa is a must try) and Ba Nois (their Viet spring rolls are so good)!

3. What to bring?

Most important, even more than money, is an open mind. Don't dismiss a place or thing because of your first impression. Most of the time its the things that surprise you and catch you unaware that are the most memorable.

Your being personable. Talk to people! Find out their stories! You will be surprised with how much you will discover.

A bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated, and to get you pumped up for all the things you are about to discover, coffee! I recommend Nescafe in a can (mocha is my favorite) because it is delicious and no fuss (you can just drop it in your bag).

A camera to capture all the moments! A phone would do. My Samsung S4 has amazing photo and video quality.

Think about it.. 
Honestly, do you recall the last time you made an effort to discover things? Share your new discoveries with me! I would love to check them out for myself.


R. ✩ said...

This one's timely. I was just raving about how excited I am to see Batanes - which will finally happen this October! I did write about it here here. ❥ R U S S

sofia said...

hi bianca,

i don't know how to start.. uhmm basta i just wanna say THANK YOU for all your thoughts. you're really AWESOMMEEE!!!

btw, i remember when my office mate told me that he saw you at the UKG studio, he was too shy to say hi to you, and i just said, "sayang! sana nagpapicture ka! ay naku!" hehe :) wala lang.. chance na sana yon e. but, i hope someday makita rin kita in person :)

sana mabless rin ako ni God ng ala-JC Intal kind of man. :) ang swert nyo sa isa't isa. stay inlove and keep it burning! God bless you and your family! x

dockie said...

thanks for your thoughts, ms. bianca..as for me (i'm on a tight budget...hehehe), going to parks and eating, probably street foods are good enough as long as you are with your friends and family...being with them is more fun for discoveries!

junetski said...

Hi B. I've always been a follower of your blog and this in particular i can relate to. I love discovering new things as well. Hope you could check out my discoveries too.. :) it's at junetski.blogspot.com :)

agnes said...

Last April, my husband and I were on our way to Orlando for a wedding shower when we decided to do a side trip to Melbourne, Florida. He wants to show me the old houses and see how it will make me feel. But when we got there, we decided to just drive more and saw this really long bridge and agreed to see what's in the next island. We glad we made that decision. We found a really yummy pizza place and a not so hidden beach with a VERY CHEAP parking space. We promised to visit that beach again sometime.

And yesterday, I was too lazy to leave my room so I ended up in front of my laptop. But I learned something new for my husband. When he got home, I performed the Cups (When I'm Gone) song of Anna Kendrick from the movie Pitch Perfect. I did that cups and the song! He was so happy! And it made me really happy! :)

PS: I miss your posts.

SRF said...

One of life's respites from day to day activities/responsibilities is travel, which gives one second wind. It expands/shapens the mind, widens one's horizons, affords the traveller new discovery/knowledge,
thereby, enriching one's life. Interconnectedness/Understanding among people/culture etc. is achieved not only through communication but through first hand interchange of ideas, products, knowledge, etc better achieved through the discovery of an entirely novel/fresh experience via travel. The world is made smaller by travel. Great to hear about your interest in travel, the discoveries that come with it, and most of all sharing them with your readers, Bianca.

Ai said...

Greetings from Poland!

This is such a great entry. For living here in Poland is such a wonderful discovery not only about the wonderful places here, but more of living life and love.



Sarah said...

I love to travel too! It's just that my love for travelling is inversely proportional with my budget. hahaha. Anyway, I would agree with you, discoveries are everywhere. And it happens every day too! Sometimes we just choose not to discover it.

I don't remember the last time I made an effort to discover things. But discovering things took me to places, with places I mean, new career path and job opportunities. hehe


SRF said...

Bottomline, the older we get, the more jaded we become: when we open ourselves without fail to fresh new outlook/discoveries and the beauty in every nook and cranny, and in everyone, (no matter how imperfect), we keep/maintain our wonder/appreciation and zest for life. It is about attitutude and outlook: it is about our inner strength.

jennifer vibanco said...

Actually I love travel alone no hazzle no stress but of course you have companion is more is merrier but sometimes alone is more comfortable to do it spontaneous whatever it flash on your mind. I don't ever remember my last effort to discover new things, and thanks to remind me I am excited to do it and to effort to have time to relax and enjoy what new's I discover?

Lyza DeeCee said...

I love your blog ms. bianca:) I'm a newbie travel blogger hehe any tips you can give! http://lyzatheexplorer.blogspot.com/

Harwin said...

This post is amazing. You are really one of the most excitung blogger ever.. -Harwin @CosmicAki

Joyce Lamela said...

Hi Bianca!

I love travelling too and taking a road trip somewhere else has been my obsession, I love the countryside life, the fresh air, simple foods and the environment are invigorating to tired senses. I like the idea of travelling because I love discovering and exploring new things.

I am longing to take a road trip to Batangas and Camarines Sur.

Nicole Aguinaldo said...

Such great insights! :)


Anonymous said...

You seem so busy. You're getting bigger and bigget in your field. Congrats. Thank you for coming up with a post. Yeah, you're right it will always be a choice wether you stay at home all the time or go out and discover and travel. I just graduated and still adjusting on how tiring it is to have real work everyday. I miss my student days. I was losing hope that travelling is imppssible now. Then I remembered you, right timing blog mo all the time. Thank you B. Keep blogging.

Kinsy said...

I went on a solo hike last February 2013. I realized that when I travel alone, I embrace the world. I pay more attention to the details of my day, hence, a better appreciation of life.

Aaron Grey said...

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MJ said...

That is so true Bianca! Travelling for Filipino are being looked at as for the priviledge when it's shouldn't be that way. Although I must say that I am very happy with the development of our tourism campaign in the past years..it truely improved alot. After I graduated college I backpacked around Thailand; work a little and travel when I got money to spend, I only have one comment everytime I see new places there "Philippines got more to offer in tourism this place is just so developed". Back in 2006 I tried El Nido on a budget and it cost me 5K amazing cost since I was expecting to spend 15K! Most Filipino are under impression that it's expensive to travel around PI, when we actually have a lot to offer. My favorite weekend treat when im in country is a drive to Lipa for a weekend Spa! Who would have thought Spa Getaway can be so inexpensive!

Charm said...

Thanks for this post.. it is a breather.. :-) it inspired me to explore.. you see, I am a Filipina based in Singapore and I haven't explored the country as much as I should have.. my excuse is because I am one of those people working 9-11 and weekends are reserved for me and my bed. I might have to change that habit and I will start tonight! :-) thanks!

Anonymous said...

My family also likes to go to Tagaytay most especially nowadays that there's a lot of deals available.

MC Santiago said...

Hi Bianca! :) Nice story. Made me smile nung binabasa ko. Life is too short nga naman. We really can't tell what will happen sa future. For sure a lot of people who read this will inspire to explore the world and go out sa comfort zone nila. And good thing! You're one of them who touched our <3's and minds in a simple way. Thanks for sharing! Waiting for your next blog! :) Btw, Ms. Jing Castañeda knows me pero di nya alam na I'm one of your "morena beauty" fan! Haha. Hope to meet you someday! Hugs and Kisses!

-M.C. Santiago musician from UP College of Music. :)

whoonzie said...

Have you been to KL? I'm planning on a trip there early next year. Just in time before I get myself into a tight schedule as a resident doctor.

P Thoughts said...

i miss reading your post. and just tonight i was able to stumble in your page.... and have a little free time. i love your entry, and i totally agree with you. just last july, i was able to go to HK and MACAU. i enjoyed the adventures that i had with my friends. it was my first time and so i enjoyed it. since it was a long vacay, i was able to discover new things also back in Manila. strolled around BGC and tried some of their resto and coffee shops. Also around timog we tried MESA and Highlands coffee along E. Rodriguez. Also i went to Bataan at the Las Casas de Filipinas de Acuzar....and to Island Cove in Cavite.... just like you i love to discover new things...

Anonymous said...

"The best things in life are free." "Home is where the heart is". "Carpe diem".... Cliches but one not need go far to be happy and enjoy oneself by seizing the moment and loving what life has to offer. Contentment/Peace is the key to life's simple joy. There's so much to discover/appreciate around us, which many of us overlooked with all the technological distractions that disconnect us from human contacts/simple values. Let us all go back to the simple, good old days when people and relationships matter most.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. B, uhmm well this is not about your post though. I just want to thank you for inspiring every person about the recent situation of our country now. You encouraged everyone who follows you to donate and donate and donate to help our fellow Filipinos at Visayas. There may have been bashers still, but you didn't mind them. You're the inspiration of the youth. Keep inspiring us in every aspect of life, please?
Thank you!


Weber Ng said...

Hi!Nice tips from you...And I also like to say, you've shown awesome heart to extend hand to the victims of typhoon Yolanda...ingat lang parati..