03 January 2014


What is this list all about? The belief that what matters most in life is not how many people you can affect and influence, but how deeply you affect and influence even one person. You need not be famous to make a difference in someone's life. Being a positive influence on even just one person you know, that is what counts! 

On my 5th year of doing this, I've decided to do a "best of" type of list for these people who really have made me who I am now. Here are the People of MY 2013:

1. JC Gonzalez

My brother JC, and his mini me, 4 year old Roco.

Everyone who knows me knows I am a certified Kuya's Girl. His interests, music, and hobbies when I was younger, I adopted as my own interests, music, and hobbies. And now that he is an amazing husband and father of two, I look at him and can only wish that I have a family as beautiful and love-filled as his. Ever since my godson Roco was born, and now with goddaughter Sabine as well, I make it a point to visit every year and it is TRULY the highlight of my year. Being with family, physically, beyond just Skype and whatsapp, is PRICELESS.

2. Tracy Pamintuan Gonzalez

Tracy and her mini me, 2 year old Sabine.

She is the best sister-in-law ever! Yes, she may be my only sister-in-law, but God has blessed my and my family with the best addition ever. She is beautiful, smart, strong, fun, and super cool. Plus, she is a super mom to Roco and Sabine! Really. She gave birth to both kids with no anaesthesia whatsoever, she juggles a full time job but manages to bring the kids to school and day care and cook them dinner and tuck them in bed at night, and manages to organise and squeeze in a family trip every so often. 

3. Kuya Alan and Ate Lani Cayetano

The always malambing and fun-loving Kuya Alan and Ate Lani.

One of the most hardworking, generous, and loving couples I know. They have grown to become a kuya and ate to me, and to this day they continue to guide me and extend a helping hand whenever I may need it. I admire how they balance the stress of work with relaxing and unwinding. I truly look up to how God is in the center of their relationship, and how they are never selfish with what they have and with their love.

4. Pamela Picazo Garcia

Pam with her cutiepatootie son, my inaanak Diego, and husband Maui.

My best friend since college, this hot momma is a woman of style, substance, and strength! She has bloomed these past few years into an admirable wife and mother, without ever losing the fun in her! She still knows how to have crazy game-face-on-fun, she still is the life of the group, and most admirable is how she puts family time first.

5. Boy Abunda

He's really one in a billion. Ikaw na, Tito Boy!

I always talk about how blessed and lucky I am to have this man as a mentor, friend, and manager! How many aspiring media personalities gets to be as lucky as I am? Whenever I feel lost, or down, or when I am wondering about my fate and my future, his simplest words of wisdom always make everything better. I wouldn't have survived 2013 without this man, as well as my hardworking and caring team, Weng Salido and Jamie Almario.

6. Pepel Santos

Pel and his gorgeous wife, Pat.

Another best friend I had since college, who has been living in the US for a decade now. The way he has dealt with the highs and low blows of his life, of how he changed career path in his mid 20s, and how he pursued his passion is just so inspiring. I'm super proud to be ninang to his beautiful panganay Viviana, and so happy that he's gotten close to my brother who is ninong to his son Stephan.

7. The Esguerras

Chely with adorable son Adi and husband Bong.

My good friend Chely was part of my People of my Year list last year, but as more months passed, I have come to admire her beautiful family even more. Chely and husband Bong's love story was stuff MMK is made of. With son Adi, and Andres who is coming soon, I see how pure love and laughter, and nothing material or superficial at all, fill their lives every single day.

8. JC Intal

My best friend, best enemy, and best sweetheart.

He has called me his "sweetheart, confidante, and best friend" and he is all that to me as well. Its so comforting to know that after a long, tiring, difficult day at work, you have someone to talk to to share your feelings with, to laugh with, to embrace, and everything becomes better. In the same way that when you wake up in the morning, you have that extra purpose to get up and go on. I am thankful and I feel very blessed to have this kind, kind soul in my life.

9. Ofel Malasmas Gonzalez

Our latest family photo, first time we were all together for Christmas in 9 years.

My mom is 65, does not look it at all, despite having been through it ALL. When I look at how strong my brother and sister are, I know they got it from my mother. Just this 2013, a new chapter of her life unfolded and she fearlessly decided to go for it and see what life still has to offer for her. It gives me so much joy to see her so happy with her apos Roco and Sabine, and it is my fervent wish that God surprises her with a special someone to take care of her, and for her to take care of, this 2014.

10. Aissa Gonzalez

Aissa with our super lovable godkids Sabine and Roco.

My sister never ceases to amaze me. If some people say they are impressed by what I do, the answer is, "wait til you meet my sister." She is the bravest, most adventurous, fearless, most creative, and kindest soul I know. She is on her 3rd year living in London, has been doing so well, and my wish is that she find a man as amazing as her (with nice blue or green eyes to have the cutest kids ever!?) because no one else deserves it more than she does.

Who are the people of YOUR year? 


Olivr said...

It's such a precious time reading a new post from the reason why I created my own site. Thanks Bianca. Continue to be a blessing and inspiration through this blog. More posts from you in the future! :)

Anonymous said...

Finally its UP! I've been checking your site since Jan 1! Yes, I'm that EXCITED to read it! Happy New Year B! :)

Kristine Suin said...

One of my fave posts. I've been waiting too long for your blog entry. I wish you could write more. Happy New Year Bianca! May you continue to be an inspiration to others as you have always been. God Bless you!

diane said...

this is one of the reasons why i really look up to you. you're such an inspiration/good person to us and yet you show us that a lot of persons is much better than you. you're really a humble person. May God Bless you more! :)

mynameisJYNN said...

very inspiring blog..i always look forward to reading this every year..if i have a list like this, i for sure will include you as my most admired person for your personality..keep writing bianca!

Tonette said...

Hi Bianca, thank you for inspiring me to do this! On my third year, I decided to make a twist>> http://sanitykeeper.com/best-moments-2013/

And personally knowing the Esguerras made me smile. I agree to every word you said about this lovely family. All the best this year and beyond :D

Jonah said...

So loved it. First ever post for 2014! I look forward to reading more of your inspiring posts this year. Godbless you Bianca. Will definitely tweet this...:D

jinky said...

wow, it's a breeze reading your blog . . . happy new year sweetie!

MC said...


mokzjm said...

finally! I have read a new post again from you Ms. B! Thank you for being an inspiration to me and to the rest ..More Power to you and more blessings to come!

I have also made my own blogsite because you have inspired me! :)

Rea Alducente said...

I've always been so inspired by this post every year that I also created a similar list. SO glad to read something from you to end the year. You've been so blessed. :)

Anonymous said...

Who are the people of your year?
YOU! Ikaw na!!! :)

Anonymous said...

And as everyone here is saying, I have the same feeling, I missed your blogs B! I really am excited when I knew you had a new one. You are the reason why I made my own account here. You have always been on my list ever since I became a reader (5 years now) Thank you being an inspiration for us Ms. Bianca. :)

Aix Araneta said...

i've been waiting for this entry since 31st December.. i wanna share mine as well.. hihi..

btw, earlier today i got my copy of women's health wherein you are the cover.. #fangirl :)

keep inspiring people.. ^___^

SRF said...

We are grounded by the people we surround ourselves (with). Life is about meaningful choices. Who should be in our lives affect how/who we are/become. Blessed is the one who makes the right choice for oneself. Kudos to you for surroundng yourself with people of quality, sincerity and strength.

roneth jubay said...

I super like you Ms.Bianca continue what your doing because you inspire a lot of people...God Bless!

Joice said...

You never fail to inspire me. Salamat po sa pagbahagi niyo ng buhay ninyo sa amin. :)

SRF said...

It is great to see young women of strength/substance/influence (like yourself, KC Concepcion) who can make a difference collaborate/cooperate with each other to accomplish things bigger than themselves. More appropo at this point in time in the Philippine entertainment industry, for when collaborative efforts are emphasized, and talents are pooled together, the results are more powerful/ influential and draw more people to do the same. Bottomline: positive, inspiring potent/formidable changes are achieved with collaborative projects between/among women of substance such as yourself and KC Cncepcion. (sometimes seemingly unlikely pair may complement each other's strengths and weaknesses)

Hail, Mary! said...

I always look forward to your blogs and FB/twitter posts....you are my idol" beauty and brains, with a social conscience.

Hail, Mary! said...

thanks for this blog, Bianca..you are an inspiration...

Hail, Mary! said...

thanks for sharing,Bianca...you are truly an inspiration!

fiel-kun said...

Si Tito Boy lang ang kilala ko sa list hihihi :D

anyways, love yah Super Bianca!

Anonymous said...

You are really a woman full of inspiration miss B and im wishing you to keep those values in you and share it with people who needs a ray of hope..i am your number 1 fan since the first time i saw you in tv and now that im living away from home and making my dreams come true here in Canada.thanks god that there are still people like you! And thanks god i learned about your blogs to keep me inspired about life in general and stay grounded as you! All the best for you miss B! God bless you more!!!