17 January 2014


Many of us uploaded instavideos from statigram.com of our "most liked" Instagram posts last year. (Thank you to all those who "liked" those photos!) Allow me to share a bit about the story behind each one of them.

5. Tokyo #OOTD

I hardly ever post outfit shots on Instagram! First, because I am not exactly a fashyon person. I looove clothes but I am far from fashion bloggers who followers on social media get outfit inspiration from. Second, nahihiya ako! As weird as that may sound, its true, again, probably because of my first reason.

So why take an #ootd this time? You know those moments that you just see this corner and you seem to fit in so well that you just have to take a photo? JC and I were in Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan that morning as early as 6AM to line up a good 45 minutes (the longer the line, usually, the more amazing the food) for the freshest seafood in town.

JC ordered the rice bowl of salmon with ebi tempura on the side, and I ordered the rice bowl of tuna and uni! Aaaaaaaaaaah, ang sarap! Really one of my favourite places to eat in the world.

We were sooo busog after that we just had to walk around the market to let the food down. In one of the alleys, they had a row full of bright red Coca Cola vending machines and we decided to have a Dr. Pepper. (Because everywhere we went that trip, the locals we saw always bought Dr. Pepper at the vend!) And there came the picturesque moment. Plus, I was wearing my all-time favourite Raybans and Chuck Taylors, and new local brand The Daily Clothing Co., I decided it was #ootd time.

It was such a photo op moment that even JC had his photo taken! Decked out in all Air Jordan.

4. Giant Oishi

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I received this insanely cool package. It was a giant Oishi! So big I can literally fit inside the bag. What's inside? No, its not giant pieces of Oishi, it was this giant bag full of Oishi junk food inside. I love it!!!! I am a super junk food lover (I absolutely love Kirei and the Oishi Wasabi flavoured chips!) so this was such a treat! I happily shared it with friends. (By the way, with me is Sky, she's a Bichon Frise!)

3. The Damsel in Distress and the Knight in Shining Armor

It was one of those horrible, horrible days when Metro Manila traffic was just insane. I had been stuck in traffic for 2 hours (for a trip that usually takes 20 minutes) and when you're extremely exhausted after a whole day of work, all you want to do is eat dinner and rest. I was messaging JC at that time, so frustrated, and probably super whining. I happened to be a few blocks away from his place at that time (stuck in the same spot and the car hasn't moved for around 30 minutes, as in not even one meter!) so to my surprise, my driver Richard goes, "Ma'am, si Sir JC po ba yun?" pointing to the nearby street corner. I look closely, and yes it was! There was my boyfriend on a bike (not a motorbike, as in a bisikleta), with an extra raincoat (yes, it was raining at that time), to pick me up! Stuff movie scenes are made of.. they happen in real life! (Plus, I am such a lucky girl.)

2. That SATC moment

We all flipped when we heard that Sarah Jessica Parker was coming to Manila, as the face of SM Aura. I flipped out even more when I got an invitation from my good friend and ate Lani Cayetano, who happens to be the mayor of Taguig, where conveniently, SM Aura is! As the mayor, part of her duty was to "welcome" SJP to the city, and I was just so insanely lucky because she invited me to join her!!!!

I remember just going into this private room in the mall, with just SJP, her team, and a couple of SM Executives. We all got to chat and have a few photos taken, and it was so surreal because she really, really IS Carrie Bradshaw in real life! Hahaha. My hands were so cold when I shook her hand:

Me: I'm sorry, may I see your shoes? (with a giddy, fangirl look and tone)
SJP: (raises her skirt) Manolos!

Aaaaah! Man, I am so lucky.

1. Alas de la Ciudad by Jorge Marin

I decided in December 2012 that my theme for the coming year would be #Fearless2013. I started off with jumping off a plane on January 1, 2013 in Skydive Monterey Bay. (Skydiving checked off the bucket list! Woohooooo!) 

From California, I traveled to and explored Mexico City alone for 3 days. I super loved the experience, and Mexico City is absolutely beautiful!!!!

On my last day there, I decided to walk around the Paseo de la Reforma, which was near the hotel I stayed in. Along that main avenue were museums, parks, and cultural centers. It was so beautiful to see the centre isle of the avenue lined with beautiful, bright red flowers and different interactive installation art works that kids (and well, kids-at-heart like me) can actually play with! Apparently, they change the art works every few months to be able to showcase different young Mexican artists. (I really hope we can do that somewhere here in Manila! In BGC maybe?)

Right across the Museo Nacional de Antropologia is this huge bronze sculpture of wings by artist Jorge Marin, where tourists and locals alike can pose to have a photo taken. My newfound Mexican friend Maria was the one who took my photo, and another person in line for a photo took our photo.

It was really a beautiful photo spot!!!!

Pictures do paint a thousand words and I can only hope to get to post or blog about more interesting photos (sana more travel photos!!) this 2014. 


Olivr said...

I envy your travel adventures. Sana dumating ang ganyang pagkakataon sa buhay ko. Sa ngyon banat ng buto muna. :)

Yami Macalintal said...

Very nice Bianca! Your story is very interesting. I'm so kilig especially the bisikleta story. All I can say is WoW!!!!

Rea Alducente said...

You've got a nice new blog layout! That giant oishi looks really cool too! :)

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JAMIER said...

This is such a good read. You're such a humble celebrity! I always enjoy your blog. Hihi! I just want to proclaim... (in a nahihiya but so happy tone) I am fan.

Hehehe! All the best Bianca!

Anonymous said...

I was so happy that I took a chance checking your site now, hoping that you posted something new. And to my surprise, there are new ones. So happy that you're active these days.

You bring happiness to a lot of people B. Stay that way, please? :)