19 January 2014


"Sana sila pa at the end of our show," said Coach Richard del Rosario. We all broke into laughter.

Our best pose for the "kunyari magkagalit kayo" situation.

It may not seem like it but I am very shy. As a person. Meaning when I am not in work mode. And JC is also very shy. So although we are extremely flattered to be invited to guest in certain shows for interviews, we always respectfully decline because aside from being shy, we just really prefer to keep our personal lives private. Unti JC got a message from Mico Halili asking if we could guest together on the season ender of their podcast, The Bro Show.

Why The Bro Show? I guess it was a big factor that the show was not too showbiz, it was from a basketball bro point of view, and was really mostly light and fun. JC is more private compared to me (by virtue of my job), so he was more comfortable in this kind of show. I am also admittedly a fan of the Mico Halili and Jason Webb tandem when I watch games (Pag sila commentators, laugh trip pero may substance! Makes it easy for people like me to understand the game better.) Plus throw in Coach Richard, and its a super riot trio.  

We were very nervous before the show started, but just kept laughing as soon as it did! Naluha ako sa kakatawa I swear. Thank you, bros for the hilarious interview! We talked about how we met, plus the bros try to make us argue, and we play "How well do you know each other?" Sharing the video with you here. Enjoy!!!!


Anonymous said...

It was my first time to watch The Bro Show and sakto pa na kayo ang guests. That was one funny interview!!

Also, congrats on your "new" blog. Been reading it since 2010:)

Anonymous said...

I love this episode, Biancs! I love to hear more about you and JC. I hope you do more interviews and shows together. Btw, I saw your instagram post about working on a project together. I'm still wondering on what is it about. Haven't see what it is yet. Maybe it haven't come out yet that's why?

Anonymous said...

I glad you found someone who seems to be really, really bringing the goods in you. I hope you and him will end up together. I really just hope that he's gonna take care of you. I'm pretty sure that's he's a good guy. One of the facts that made me believe so is because he had been in a 5 year relationship and it ended peacefully i guess. Though I heard he was labeled as "total jerk" by his other ex (probably before you).

Olivr said...

It's really nice watching these two togetehr. :)

diane said...

im really watching The Bro show as updated as i can, due to work i missed 4 episodes, so i decided to have a Bro Show Marathon yesterday. It should be watched in sequence but i couldn't stop myself inuna ko ang episode feat you and JC. It's so evident how shy/tense are you at first but at as the show goes on you're getting comfortable na (nagtataas pa na ng paa sa chair) :)As Sir Mico said you're such a lovely couple. Hope that JC and you will grant another guesting together. MAy GOD Bless you both together.

Sheryl said...

I watched this while in the office...super laugh trip! These guys are hilarious. :)

zara may said...

I love your blog