16 March 2014


("In my head I am perenially 28 years old")
Fashion designer and entrepreneur

A rare Rajo #selfie for the love of Lupita and her headband

One of the biggest names in the Philippine Fashion Design scene is also a major mogul with a number of businesses and collaborations to his name. He is one of the most generous souls, always ready to be fairy godmother to friends in need. He loves to travel the world and also loves to take foreigner friends (read: Sarah Jessica Parker included) around the country. Know Rajo more in 10 questions:

1. Do you remember every single dress or outfit you've made? Any one particular favorite?

I do have a vague recollection of each dress I have created although there will always be unforgettable ones. These are the wedding gowns of my sisters that are really close to my heart. What I remember clearly is what they looked like seconds before entering the church, that I will hold very close to my heart.

2. How many percent of a good design is product of formal school and training and how many percent of it is pure talent and creativity?

I believe that proper technical know how is extremely important in the execution of good design. Obviously talent is very important, but if there is no foundation on how the idea will be properly done then this will lead to failure. I always say that beautiful poetry can only be achieved only if one properly learns their ABC's.

3. Dream Hollywood client?

Cate Blanchett.

4. What one place do you love taking foreign visitors to here in Manila?

I would take them to a proper seafood "dampa" experience! There is nothing like an amazing Filipino meal that would make one trip extremely memorable.

5. One important business tip you would give a starting entrepreneur?

Know your numbers.  Proper accounting practices will be the best foundation for your business to grow.

6. When your creative juices aren't flowing, what do you do to get them flowing?

I try to escape and feed my desire to wander. Escape can mean just taking a break from your daily routine or a weekend get away. This practice clears my mind and gets me creative.

7. What is the sweetest thing your boyfriend Nix has ever done for you?

Nix's gift to me is laughter. He really makes me laugh. Although I remember him renovating our apartment while I was on a trip and coming back to a brand new apartment was really a fantastic surprise.

8. Your favorite song to sing in karaoke?

Creep. I like the message of the song and I can really give my lungs a work out when I sing this song.

9. Would you consider having children in the future?

I am blessed with beautiful nephews and nieces and my desire to have children have been taken over by their presence and love.

10. Is there really any ultimate fashion no-no?

I really appreciate all kinds of fashion and I don't believe in rules.  Fashion is a means of expression and for me this means that we should all enjoy it.  The only thing that I would be cautious about is appropriateness and this is something that one should always consider and think about when dressing up.

Rajo x 2 for his National Bookstore collection

Til the next #10Questions!

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Anonymous said...

HI B!!!!!!!!! Congratsssss. ahhhh i can't wait in your next blog entry re JC's wedding proposal. i really want it detailed. sobrang kilig na yung mga clips from IG and articles but i just can't wait na sayo manggaling. aaaahhh you and JC is on of my favorite celeb couples. Finally you're engaged na with him. haaaayy. Love love love. Enjoy your short break in London, for sure you're literally you're in cloud nine while on your way to London. hihihi soo much kilig. Hope you'll post it soon. i also read in an article na JC gives you cold treatment and you have heavy heart flying to London. hahaha i just cant imagine your feeling. ahhh enough na, i said too much na. i just cant contain my feelings. Again congrats B and JC. :)