16 March 2014


Time really friggin flies. In my head I'm still 25 years old then all of a sudden I wake up and I'm 31

I am really not one for parties during my birthday. I always prefer just having quality time with my loved ones and enjoying a good meal (usually Japanese or Sonia's Garden, yes, every year!) and that's it. The only "party" I ever recall having was when I turned 1 and when I was 2nd grade, thrown by my parents. And when I was a PBB housemate, thrown by the staff. Other than that, I really prefer quiet birthdays.

This year was different because I may not have thrown any party, I had 6 intimate and meaningful mini celebrations thanks to special people who surprised me with the ultimate birthday symbol.. a cake! 

First was a box of cupcakes surprise from my Earth Faces team, in Coron, Palawan, the weekend before my birthday. We were shooting part of our advocacy campaign with Facial Care Center and they were so sweet to make a way to suprise me, with matching Happy Birthday song by the Lobster King singer of the night! (And a song while we were swimming in the Twin Lagoon earlier that day, so cinematic I wish I had a video of it!) Thank you Anna, NJ, Niccolo, Anton, Dwight, and Kaye.

On the stroke of midnight on the anniversary of my birth, March 11, I was surprised to wake up to the sound of my boyfriend JC singing me a happy bithday with matching cake and candle! With hair standing and probably muta in my eyes, I made a wish! He knows I am not one for big celebrations so this thoughtful surprise really meant so much.

On the morning of March 12, we had an editorial line up meeting for meg magazine, and after the "work" part was done, they surprised me with not just one, but two cakes!!!! Thank you to my girls Ning, Rain, Portia, Guia, Bea, Tin, and Ionne for the thoughtfulness. (They also gave me coloring books and crayons as a gift! I love it!)

On the afternoon of the 12th, I met up with a group of girlfriends for a crafternoon! It is basically an afternoon of DIY fun where we learned rubber stamping and basic calligraphy from Alessandra Lanot. In the middle of our class, I was surprised with the famous Choco Yema cake of Slice! Thank you Slice, and thanks to my friends Rina, Trisia, Trina, Marion, and Alessa!

On the evening of the 13th, I had taping for my show Cinemanews, and there, I was pleasantly surprised by not just the staff of the show (thank you Ate Kitty for arranging everything, and to my bosses Sir Ronald and Sir Amboy for the love and support), but my beloved Biancsters. Thank you Kate, Monica, Karen, Ate Juliet, Mabel, Eliza, Cay, Christine, Caroline, and Calc (who was there in spirit!)

On the afternoon of the 14th, I had my annual celebration with school kids in Taguig, and this time, Mayor Lani, the principal Ma'am Tess, and all the teachers and students of the 6th grade of Taguig Elementary School sang me a birthday song and gave me a cake! I really tried my best to hold back the tears kasi ang pangit naman kung ang drama ko. But it DID make me very emotional! Thank you Ate Lani for all the love, always.

So for a girl who doesn't really celebrate, 6 mini celebrations were really so much more than I could ask for. The funny thing though? Every single time I closed my eyes to make a wish before blowing the candle, I had only one wish in mind. And that wish, I would like to keep for myself. Haha. 

I admit I had the birthday blues. Questions on if I really am where I'm supposed to be at this point in my life, where am I headed, what should I do.. but I've accepted that as all part of growing up. I may have many worries, but I still am overwhelmed by and thankful for all the blessings and it feels selfish to even ask God for anything more. 

Thank you to everyone who extended their well wishes and birthday greetings!!!! I am humbled and blessed to be the recipient of such wonderful words. 


Vera said...

Belated happy birthday Super B! May you be blessed with the wish you wished for :)

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy birthday Bianca!
I've always admired you since Y Speak. And I love that you are a woman of substance. I am also having birthday blues coz my 31st birthday is in April. He he..magka age tayo. Thanks for reminding me that these feelings are normal. Haha.
Congratulations on being an inspiration to many women!

Jen said...

happiest birthday Bianca G! God bless! :)

cheekeegirl said...

Happy Birthday Biankie! God bless you

SRF said...

Always so down to earth and insightful/introspective that puts everything into perspective. For sure, you had a meaningful birthday celebration. Here's to many more.