27 July 2014


Social media has really changed the landscape of everything.

The photo above is a screencap of how my day went, at least, according to other people who tagged me in their photos. Isn't that amazing? A bit creepy, quite cool, but nevertheless amazing. 

Let me give you a peek into a bit of what my timeline looks like, with little bits of what really happened in real life.


I was invited by the organizers of the DLSU Student Media Congress to give an hour and a half talk/workshop on hosting.

What happened in real life: I spent the whole morning at our cover shoot for meg magazine in our studio in Eastwood. We ended by 230PM. Our photographer for the day, BJ Pascual, was also giving a talk on Fashion Photography at the same congress, so we were stuck in terrible traffic together and actually got to DLSU at 4PM. (Our talk was supposed to be at 330.) We apologized profusely to the students who signed up for our class.

When they asked me to do a talk, Trish, one of the organizers, mentioned to me that there would probably be over 50 students attending the talk, but that there could be more because registration was still ongoing. On the day itself, there were over 250 students!!!! I was amazed at how many students there are interested in hosting!

I gave a talk on 10 Things I've Learned About Hosting. A few things I shared: Know your stuff. Research. You will face rejection. Deal with it. Gain experience. Find your voice. Have just the right amount of energy and confidence, wag OA.

It is really quite tough to "workshop" 250+ students. A hands on workshop would be feasible for a group of 10 or 20. So to at least make it a bit more like an exercise, from time to time, I'd engage the students in different hosting exercises: the importance of spontaneity, how to do an effective introduction, why it is more important to listen than to talk when interviewing, the crazy things that can happen during a live show, what live reportage is really like, and so on.

What happened in real life: Since the traffic was so bad and we were late 30 minutes, my talk that was supposed to end at 5 extended to 530. My throat hurt like hell. Talking for an hour and a half straight (with matching sigaw, tawa, acting) is no joke! It was great to see faces in the crowd that were really engaged. Some seemed like they were NR, but I hope they learned a thing or two as well.

What happened in real life: This talk made me feel like I was coming full circle. Doing research for my presentation, I discovered that my first ever official hosting job in ABS-CBN was for a show called Review Night on Cinema One. That was in August 2004. I can't believe I have been hosting for a full decade already. It has been a tough and amazing journey in this career.


What happened in real life: By no means do I see myself as a great host, I have SO MUCH MORE to learn and improve on, but to be given the chance to share what I have learned, at least this far into being in the industry, is a great blessing and opportunity. And to have people want to hear advice from me about it is really humbling and fulfilling.

So thank you, DLSU SMC and to all the students who signed up! Thank you to those who tagged me in their photos and selfies! Sorry to all those I wasn't able to have a photo with!

That night was the 16th Anniversary Party of meg magazine. On behalf of the team, I was asked to give welcoming remarks to the crowd.

What happened in real life: After the talk at DLSU, I had an important writing deadline to meet. After battling terrible traffic (again) from Manila to the Fort (where the event is), I camped out at a quiet cafe to write. After ordering a sandwich, I was told their wifi was busted. Kaloka. I ate my sandwich quickly and moved to another cafe. I ordered a hot chocolate this time, and again, was told that the wifi was busted. I ended up using my own Tattoo pocket wifi. I finished what I had to write and sent the email. My Fashion Editor Rain met up with me and we rode the car together to the party. Rain held up a jacket to cover me as I changed from my top and pants into my dress and heels. I put on lipstick. Then we arrived at the party venue.

It was awesome to see so many people come out to support meg, despite the heavy traffic and the hassle weather the whole night.

What happened in real life: I'm actually going through a phase now. Feeling like I'm in a rut. Asking myself where should I take myself career-wise, where I'll be in 5 years, and other questions that usually pop up when one is at a life crossroad. But this whole day, from working behind the scenes at a shoot, to giving a talk to a room filled with students with big dreams, to being stuck in seemingly endless traffic, to being all alone in a cafe with the clicking of my keyboard, to celebrating in a noisy club with a team I love, all made me realize that we should really remind ourselves not to worry too much. That although it is cliche, we should really count our blessings and not our problems. It is normal to slip away and feel blue, but know that life will surprise you with moments that will make you pick yourself up and carry on.

. . .

One of the most interesting messages I was tagged in was this tweet from @potatoesef.

Tell me, would it be something you would be interested in? What would you like me to talk about, or have, or offer, if ever? Would love to hear what you think.


bitter said...

This really inspired me. Well you always do inspire me with your posts, so what's new, right? Haha. I'm the type of person who worries a lot. I strict myself with my own plans and must follow them. But everytime I read your posts you made me feel at ease with life. That witnessing where you've gotten with just doing what you love to do makes me think that I better not worry too much. You're an inspiration to a lot of people, B. You're a goal to me.
Keep blogging, please? Thank you.

lorena fuellas said...

You are not just an ordinary host you really do touch others with your wisdom. I always look you up ever since I saw you on TV, aside from we have the same complexion (morena beauty) LOL! Too bad I don't get the height. I had a feeling we have the same path that we've been through, full of dreams and hope. truly you are a woman wana be of every girls everybody either... Be a blessing to everyone and may you continue to be an inspiration. God Bless you Always ate Bianca :)

Anonymous said...

I have always been a fan. I hope you give a talk on time and financial management for people in their 20s and early 30s. :) Sana nga rin you can share more about Data Visualization because not all of us can afford to study in the UK. hahahhaa.

Maida Chavez Sabenicio said...

It's easy for some to believe that the life you lead is all glitz and glamour, and that may even be the motivation to those who want to follow your path. Though it's perfectly okay to want a taste of the good life, you continue to inspire people that more than anything, we should look for a cause and fulfill it with passion---whether glamorous or not. I've always looked up to you since Y-speak days, and I've even developed a habit of cutting your photos off magazines for my planner! Hahaha! You are one of a kind. Five years from now, wherever you'll be and whatever you decide to be, I know you'll continue to touch lives and make a difference. Stick to your guns and let tomorrow take care of itself ☺️ Enjoy your wedding year, by the way. ❤️

Vera said...

Wow, what a day. Good thing you ARE Super! :)

Kaye P said...

Hi ate Bianca! :) I totally agree with @potatoesef's tweet to you. :) You are one heck of an inspiration and we'd love to attend to any of your workshops or maybe just a talk about social media, maybe? or your life as a personality in the showbiz industry? or anything! even, travel! Hehe, God bless ate Bianca! :)

Alphea Mae Villalon said...
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sunshinegirl said...

Looking pretty there :)
and it's really true that social media changed a lot of things!

SRF said...

The 'power' of social media makes everything looks easy and glamorous, taking away the values of grit/tenacity/resolve/endurance/determination/nerve/fortitude/perseverance that come with real life tasks. Social media tells life story tucks neatly in a small 'sanitized' package sans the values of hard work and the hurdles that come with real life.

These said, this reader commends you for presenting the hard knocks of going about the life of a celebriity like you, keeping it as real as it gets: that you work as hard as any ordinary Joe or Jane. In doing so, you correct important misperceptions by sendng the right message to impressionable youngsters that, whether one is a celebrity or not,everyone has to work harder than everyone else's to achieve success/goals.

sofia said...

sometimes i wonder, is it hard to be A bianca gonzalez? i wanna be like you! talk like you, dress like you, be senti like you, choose like you, make decisions like you, react like you, smart like you, everythinggg! sana naging ate kita <3 i wouldvreally, really love to hear your advices. you are one in a zillion! sana sana sana sana mameet kita kahit 1 minute lang

Donna V said...

Please conduct a talk similar to how and what you write in your blog - tidbits of your life, your two cents on career, love, etc., and wisdom you've gained in the past 10-15 years :)